Northside Day 1…

Haiti is certainly not what I expected. To be perfectly frank, I went into this with a lot of apprehensive thoughts, for which I can thank Larry Lamb for, haha. He certainly prepared us for the worst of the worst. From scary stories of dump trucks to nightmares about huge tarantulas, Haiti was certainly something I stressed about from the time we started preparing for this adventure.

Traveling was certainly the most energy draining, thus far. Waking up at 3 A.M. to catch our flight and staying up for 16 or so hours afterwords doesn’t sound too rough, but we are exhausted. We’ve only actually been in Haiti for one day, and we used today as a recovery from traveling. It was really relaxing, we visited the orphanage. I informed my father we were either coming home with the puppy who lived at the mission house, or a child who lived in the orphanage. Needless to say, the seventeen year old didn’t get much say in the matter, and we were off to see the site where we’ll actually be working.

Walking through the town we’re in is such a culture shock.There are so many things we take for granted, talking efficiently, for one. I know that was certainly something that was difficult for me, and even more so for those who don’t understand the language. In Haiti, they speak mainly Creole, which is basically like French, English, and Spanish all combined together into one language. I’ve taken three years of French, and I’m struggling to comprehend a lot of it. It’s definitely a challenge, but one I think God will use to all of our benefits. 🙂 We’re all super excited, and ready for God to use us in every way possible.



The return trip…

Well, for some of us, it was a true blessing returning to see the progress that’s been made ar the Mole and the orphanage. The site is growing and is already touching lives, the pinnacle of which are the faces and smiles of the children of the orphanage. We had the opportunity to play with them today, and it truly was a treat! This is going to be a great trip! (the beaches are still beautiful too, and the water very refreshing!)


Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read at dinner each night. Unfortunately no-one took pictures today so I don’t have any to post!


  1. Guys, we are so looking forward to getting down there next week. We are praying for you, the mission and the people of Haiti. Let us know if there is anything else we can bring down with us.

  2. Hey Jody, I’m just curious where the Northside team is from. Someone mentioned Larry Lamb and I know a doctor by that name who used to live in Columbia, SC. Just curious if it might be the same person.
    God bless all the work that folks are doing there.
    Amanda Campbell

  3. So glad you all are off to a great start…we are praying for you all…hugs to Sam and Adrian! Love Sharon and Marvin Thomas

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