Breakthrough – Last Day…

I can’t believe it’s our LAST DAY here! Mom, I know you wanted me to blog on the first day, so sorry about that. Today, we spent the day with the orphans. They are so cute! After nap time (which I gladly participated in), we took the older ones to the beach. They had so much fun playing in the water and on the sand. The beautiful smiles on their faces were an absolute blessing to see. We are all attempting to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow.

Our checked bags left on a truck last night for PAP, but we get to fly across Haiti! Whoo! Those of us who came last year still remember the bus ride we took to get to the Mole, and we’re all thankful that there’s an alternate route. I’d like to ask for prayer for Taylor, who hasn’t been feeling well the last couple days. Please continue to pray for our team’s health and safety, and we will see you all soon! Love to my family and friends back home! In Christ, Alisa J


Hey everyone! This week has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe that we’re already at the end of our trip. Although we have been constantly going I have enjoyed every moment we’ve had here in Haiti. We’ve been praying that we could finish these last few days strong and our motto has been to finish each day empty. And after the day at Preskul yesterday and after a full day today I can honestly say we are all drained.

Please continue to pray for our team as we head back to the States and that we won’t let the devil get us down, even though we’re all tired and a bit emotional. Today I went to the village of Savane-Mole with the medical clinic. It was about a 40 minute truck ride to the village where we set up clinic in a little church building. I think about 70 patients went through the clinic today and I am thankful for all the medical team did this week and how they finished strong in Savane-Mole today.

The few students that were helping the medical team got to play with a bunch of the kids waiting outside the clinic. Though we were covered in dust and sweat after running around and playing Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, Freeze Tag and various other clapping and running games, we had so much fun, loving on those kids and just seeing them laugh at all the silly things we did really made everything worth it for me.

Then we got to come back and enjoy an afternoon at the beach with all the orphans and it was a blast. The kids were so excited to get in the water or just play in the sand and I know our team loves loving those kids; I honestly don’t think we can love on them enough.

Overall, I’d say today was a good end to our trip but it’s still bittersweet to think we’ll be leaving this beautiful country tomorrow. I just hope that the seeds our team has helped planted will continue to grow and that the people we’ve encountered will continue to know the love that Christ has for them. Continue to pray for these people in Haiti and the experiences we’ve shared with them this week as well as all the things they’ve been able to learn about God and his love for them. Even though we’ll be physically leaving Haiti tomorrow I know that my heart will stay here in Haiti and continue to break for these people as I pray for their salvation. Bonswa everyone and see you soon! – Emily Spring

Oh, and a shout out to Mataya whose 18th birthday is tomorrow!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (just think, after a full day of travel you’ll get the wonderful gift of sleeping in your own bed without the threat of me falling through and smothering you in the middle of the night, ha!)


Last day of pastor’s conference today and did we end on a good note or what! Thirty Haitian pastors and deacons got around Tim, Joey, Brandon and I and prayed a heartfelt prayer that was something to behold. Even though we couldn’t understand a word they said because they were all praying at the same time and extremely loud. These amazing men of God were much deeper spiritually than I thought possible. My Yankee arrogance I guess. They hunger for more of God here than they do food actually . I’ve so much to share about these amazing people that time won’t allow it.

Enough to say that we all will be telling stories for quite a while. Looking forward to seeing and hugging my dear wife. I knew I would miss her but mercy sakes. I also miss very much the rest of my family and can’t wat for a sit down dinner, ( hopefully Jose Peppers)!

Our last night here and we all are smelly, tired, and hungry for American food. The predawn singing by these pastors and leaders is something I will never forget. Without the use of a sound system these people rocked our campground Mon. through today. My thoughts seem a little foggy and it is difficult to keep focused. Probably because of all the perspiration I’ve lost. Leaving for now so please pray about the half a dozen things that have to happen for us to get home together and with all our luggage. God worked wonders ! God is good ! Here we come.

Love to all, Larry Cunningham


  1. I have so loved reading about all God has been doing through each one of you this week! (and about Jack’s best nap ever) Praying safe travel for your journey home. Love you and can’t wait to see you!

  2. What a fabulous team and how much we can thank God for your breakthroughs this week. Rest well and safe journey home. We are praying for you!

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