Northside Day 3…

Hey all my family and friends back in the states, hope ya’ll are well! From three days in Haiti, I already love it here. The island is beautiful, and the native people and mission workers are amazing. This was the 1st day of actual construction, so it took a lot of patience. We had no idea what we were doing, but just found things to do. We sorted things, got the framework to the 1st house minus the roof complete, and built trusses.

There were a few incidents, like when the frames started to topple a few falls, but we lived. By now I am exhausted and sore, but I don’t care, a lot got done. I’m glad I got this opportunity to serve, and can’t wait for more work tomorrow. I’ll post pictures when I get back to the states, and God bless.

Trilby Brush


  1. Day 3 and the walls go up, Its great to see the walls that were built with love are in place. Seeing the pictures of the children with smiles on there faces makes all the sacrifices worth while. Continued prayers for all and Praise God for giving everyone the oppurtunity to make a difference.

  2. Wow, I am so excited for all of you! What an experience to express God’s love through this mission project. Continue to open your hearts for Christ to do all his works he has planned for you there in Haiti. God will give you the strength, wisdom, patience and love through your faith. Miss and praying for all of you! Proud of you, Trilby, we will have our bible study group get together when you get back to share your experience! Love you all! Mickie

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