Northside Day 4…

building 2 almost up!

very hot!

praying for Granada juice!

card games!

animals everywhere!

nice people…awkward conversations!

Today was really good. We got the second building up, it was hard, but rewarding. I learned how to use a router, which we all called, “thingy.” I talked to a Haitian who knew a little English, which was nice. Trying to talk to the Haitians isn’t easy. It’s awkward because we don’t understand Creole, and they want to have conversations. We end up using Kaitlyn a lot to help with translations. There are a few words I know though, “bonjou, bonsoir, zami, comme ye, blanc, bien, merci, and au revoir.”

Seeing the second building come up made me feel very accomplished. We have done a lot for the mission and they seem very excited and thankful. We are ahead of schedule, and Paca (Adrian) and Raymond seem very excited for the end result.

We are all really tired, and the food is very interesting. We have been playing a lot of card games when we can relax at night on the porch. Brandon, Kaitlyn, and Trilby have eaten almost all of my sunflower seeds. I need more already, and the week isn’t over yet.

There is this magical juice that we tasted on the first day here. We call it Granada juice. It is made from a natural fruit on the island called Granada. We haven’t gotten it after that but we pray for it everyday. I am also addicted to the hot chocolate. I dip my breakfast in my mug every morning. So long…


  1. What a blessing you all are to the staff at NWHCM!! God bless and keep up the good work!!

  2. So good to hear from Sam… praying for all of you… you are all doing an awesome work!

  3. Praying for Granada juice and sunflower seeds to rain down on you!! Sounds like you all are having a wonderful experience. It’s amazing how God works. You go to help others in need, and end up being just as blessed as the ones you’re helping! AMAZING!!! Prayers for safety and peace!

  4. My prayers are with you all as you share God’s love! Hopefully God will give ya’ll some granada juice! God bless and keep you all! Thanks for impacting God’s Kingdom!

  5. Sounds like you all are doing an awesome job! So thankful for each of you to be able to experience this time together and with the Haitian people. Love and prayers!!!

  6. I’m so glad to hear good reports, especially from all of the teens! It makes me wish I had gone. You’re all an inspiration for those of us here at home.

    What an impact this project is having on many levels. As Vernon Mines says, “God will reward you for your kindness!” Praying for you all daily! Leslie

  7. Rest assured that all the kids and adults at VBS Northside are praying for you all and for the Haitians. I even hear stories about kids asking their parents to “be quiet on the way home” and then praying out loud for “the houses and the people building them.” Now I’ll pray for grenada juice, too!

  8. May God bless each of you for your incredible service for His people. It is awesome to read the blog and see the pics of our incredible team at work. I especially love the pics of Kaitlyn with the children. Priceless….. My prayers are with you.

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