Northside Day 6…

I never thought that a mundane task would become so inspirational….Matt asked us, while we were waiting around for the next walls to be ready to go up,to go around and pick up nails since we were running low. I picked up some nails that were all bent and mangled. I sat down and started to try to straighten them out with the hammer. I got very excited when I straightened my first one & Matt joked around that there must be a spiritual lesson in that…WOW!!! That was something to sit and think about.

Have you ever sat and looked at a bent up nail? It’s like the nail is the person that we are, damaged and looks like we are un-fixable. With consistent and patient work, we can become like new. Sometimes making the change in the bent nail can hurt (especially when you hit your finger), just like making changes in your life. Sometimes the changes may hurt because it may mean that you have to get rid of all the bents that made you the person you are today but that is OK because you will be as good as new! We can only make those changes in our own bent nails once we have Jesus Christ in our lives. Take time this week to find a bent nail and look at it very closely.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of the bents in your life….everyday is a new day with new lessons to learn 🙂

Lessons that I have learned in Mole,

Brook Thornton


Tonight we have the Muppets Movie playing on the Castillo Steps and popcorn for everyone!


  1. Working hard 🙂 and a happy birthday to my dad. Hope he is behaving himself- the oldest Lamb

  2. I love how God uses every situation to bring us closer to Him, if we just look for the “lesson”! I am so glad that you all are having such an amazing experience! I hope you continue to be blessed as I know you are being a blessing!

    Happy Birthday, Larry!! You’re so old……how are you keeping up with those young ones?!? Hope you all celebrate with Granada juice-cheers!!

    Praying for you daily and knowing the group you have there is dynamic!! Blessings!!

    Cynthia Crawford and family

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