August Adventures – Day 1 AND 2…

From Monday Morning Mommas (MMM Small Group)…

Hello Everyone!! I’m so happy to send you a message tonight! I don’t really have words to explain these first couple of days of our trip. . . . let me try. . . exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, eye-opening, and extremely out of my comfort zone – EXACTLY where God wants me. It’s so evident to us that God is up to huge, big things in Haiti. He is going to change us – for the better – in the short time that we are here. The people are amazing, we are so anxious to learn more and more about them, and pour into their lives all that we can in these four days. The children are precious – I never dreamed that holding little Roselandy (the child that we sponsor in the orphanage) would make me feel so complete. To love these kids, and these people for this week is truly an honor. Trey, Dylan, Drew and Jakie – Mommy loves you sooo much and keep praying for us! Wes – hope practice starts well tomorrow – I LOVE YOU!!! — Sarah Thank you everyone, for your thought and prayers. They are certainly being felt and we love you for it – keep praying!!

Hello from Haiti! It’s hard for me to believe that we are actually here! We’ve had a very interesting two days so far….my favorite part today was getting to go to a Haitian church service this morning and worshipp ing with the local people. Even though we didn’t understand the words to their songs, we could still feel the love and praise for Jesus pouring out of them. We even recognized a few tunes of old hymns…like “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” and “As the Deer”. To my family back home (Thad, Emma, Noah, Eli, and Jack)….I’m having a wonderful time here and can’t wait to see you in a few days. I’ll have SO many pictures to show you guys! All my love, Allison (Mom)

Bonswa from The Mole! I woke up well rested this morning and ready to do God’s work! The Missionary, Jody Castillo, led our orientation this afternoon and provided us with lots of useful cultural information regarding the locals. Her presentation was heart wrenching and gave me a higher sense of purpose for helping the locals. I’m very anxious to get started tomorrow on our work with the orphanage mommas and excited to interact with the orphanage kiddos. God must be really working on me because I’m surprised not to be struggling with my vanity. God has really suppressed my need to feel pretty in this place where people’s main focus is survival. What a reality check! Jeremy, Stella, and Anderson…missing you and look forward to sharing this experience with you when I get home. Love, Lori

This message has been approved by Kerri Barnes- lol!! Hello to my children & husband- Dan, Gabe, Grace, Faith & Hope- I love you!!!! Peace out!


From Northside Team…

Sundays are a day of relaxation in the Mole.  The laid back approach to the “Lord’s Day” reminds me of my childhood when stores closed and people limited their activities to church, family, friends.
This doesn’t mean there is no work going on.  In fact, in some ways, when we celebrate rest, the greatest work of all transpires.  We form new relationships and renew old ones.  And because our minds are less occupied with worldly tasks, they are more receptive to the work God wants to do in us.  I look forward to our first day of physical labor tomorrow, but I am thankful we have begun in worship with the Lord’s people.
I should speak to the worship.  It was, as you might expect in a place where people are not absorbed in selfish pursuits, pure and energetic.  Our team members were welcomed warmly.  But you must know, we were not perceived as heroes who had come to rescue others from their circumstances.  Indeed, the brothers and sisters in Christ we met have already been rescued, and demonstrated a keen awareness of their place as sons and daughters of the King of Kings.
It is humbling to think we have come with so much, but because of our lifestyles in America have lost what the Haitian people still possess.  We were guests in a church body where people already deeply understand the majesty, peace and provision of God.
From a personal perspective, I am thankful to find both physical and spiritual rest in Haiti, together with our team and the new friends we have made.   I feel certain I will be glad to be home when the time comes.  And our first day of physical labor will likely take away my perception of “rest.”  But for now, I have it.  And I pray I can keep it for a while.
Perhaps we would be more restful in many ways if we thought of God more and self less.
Larry Jones


From Freedom Reigns…

Hello from Freedom Reigns!!
We are all safe and healthy! We are getting ready to kick off our first night of revival! Pastor Jake is going to bring a fresh word and we are believing God for several salvations, signs, wonders, and miracles!  We were able to get a mini break this afternoon and hang out by the beach and talk with some locals.  God is doing amazing things here in Haiti!

We have already picked up about 14 orphans and helped transfer them to the orphanage here at the mission base, and was able to enjoy the Haitian church service this morning with them. Leah and I (Kelsey) were asked to lead children’s church this morning. Leah spoke about Daniel in the lion’s den and how God protected him and that God would protect them too. Keep those prayers coming as we continue to minister throughout the week! Thanks in advance! We love you guys!!
-Freedom Reigns


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  1. I am continuing to enjoy the pics and blog updates. I am so thankful that you are for sharing with us. Praying that you will have a safe and productive day tomorrow. Go forward in His name and conquer! BTW…I think somebody needs to bring back a baby for me to love. They are absolutely precious!

  2. We love you all so much and are praying fervently for God’s work to be done with your help in Haiti and for God’s work to be done within you because of your time in Haiti. Many blessings, many prayers, and much love!

  3. We love you all so much and are so thankful for your safe arrival. We pray that God’s work can be done with your help in Haiti and that God’s work will be done within you because of your time in Haiti. Many prayers, many blessings, and much love headed your way!

  4. Your impact there will be felt for years to come. We love you and miss you Mommy (sarah). Wes -Trey-Dylan-Drew-Jake

  5. Great to read the update! Glad everyone made it safe and I know you ladies will touch a lot of lives, and in turn, have your lives touched. Praying for you tons. The kids and I miss you Al, but we know you are where your supposed to be. Everyone here is great, and we can’t wait to see more pics and here all your stories… Love you.

  6. So glad to see that the MMM’s arrived safely. God Bless each of you and may God bless all of God’s precious children. We love you!

  7. You beautiful spirits are such a blessing to us all!!! My love and prayers are being sent your way!!!

  8. We are so thankful that you all arrived safely, and that Ernesto is staying south of the island. I’m praying for you all, and am eager to hear the stories and see more pictures when you return!

  9. Really enjoyed seeing the pictures (Kerri holding the small child is precious) and reading about everyone’s experiences. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so proud of you all and know you will be a blessing to the people you interact with and God will bless you as well. Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about the trip. We are all doing well here. Maybe Kerri can expand on her experiences next time, peace out. LOL! Dan, JoJo, Gabe, Grace, Faith and Hope.

  10. So glad you all made it safely! Praise Jesus! We are continually praying for you all! Can’t wait to hear what all God is doing!! He is so Good!!

  11. MOM! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I love those pictures of the kids! I’m glad you guys made it there safe! I miss you and love you sooooo much. -Emma.

  12. The pictures are so touching I cant imagine the impact this trip is having on you and those around you. You all look beautiful! You are in my constant prayers. May today’s experiences fill you with a passion you’ve never seen before and don’t forget to share the details with those you left behind cause we are all patiently waiting for updates!

  13. Mom! I love you sooo much! and miss you too! I’m glad you guys made it safely! And those pictures of you guys holding the kids made my day! <3 love to see your blogs and I'm waiting to hear more about amazing trip! -Emma

  14. I love seeing everyone loving on the kids. But it especially tugs at my heart to see the men bonding with them. So sweet…..

  15. Sarah,
    So glad all is going well for the four of you and know that God is doing a special work in and through all of you as you minister there in Haiti. We talked to Drew and Dillion last night and they were doing great. Anxious to hear all about your trip. Keeping you all in our prayers. Your neighbors, Cliff & Donna

  16. Please relay a message to Mark Hutchinson that his bag was sent from Miami back to Norfolk and he doesn’t need to find it when he flies through Miami. Thanks very much.

  17. It sounds like the MMM Small is having a big impact, and being impacted as well. We enjoy reading about your adventures. Wes, Trey, Dylan, Drew, Jake

  18. We miss you mommy! Although, the “young man sitter” bought donuts, pop-tarts, and pizza for the boys while I was at practice. She said they were very excited to have pop-tarts. I let her know they were probably excited because they never get to have them!!! They loved it! -91 players. Love you mommy – Dylan: You’re beautiful, and I love you. – Drew

  19. from Jill Becks mom. so proud of you and Brad.. Kids miss you, but are doing fine. they are enjoying swimming and riding their bikes, and playing with the neighbor kids.
    Will be praying that you touch everyone you come in contact with the Holy Spirit.. Have a safe rest of your journey.. Lv. Mom

  20. Hi girls – thinking about you and praying for you this week. I’m so glad to hear you are safe! Thank goodness for technology. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

  21. Sarah & girls, it’s so good to be able to read your posts and see the pictures — it helps all of us to feel like we’re also a “very small” part of your big adventure. God’s blessings to you and all of the Haitian people you are sharing with and enjoying. Love from Aunt Sharen

  22. It is wonderful to see what our God is doing, I’m so proud of my brother Mark. Keep an eye out as Military Street baptist has a team in Haiti also.

  23. I feel so proud to know so many people doing such great work. The kids look so happy 🙂 You guys are awesome! Sheri

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