Double The Trouble – Double The Fun!

Yesterday our orphanage was blessed with 14 beauties from La Baie! Mole St Nicholas now holds the youngest group of children that NWHCM oversees. So we went from 17 kids to 31 kids overnight!

These little ones (4 yr-6 yr olds) ventured to the Mole with our August team last night! It was a rough drive for some of them as many suffered with motion sickness! They arrived home at 10pm and were greeted by their new little brothers and sisters! (Many they already knew from the baby orphanage – where they originally graduated from).

Two of the 14 children – Haylee & Hannah actually lived with Jose & I. They were originally triplets. All 3 babies didn’t weigh more than 6lbs total. Shortly after meeting them, their sister passed away. The baby orphanage wasn’t open. I was afraid the other two would die as well. So we took them in. They lived with us for 18 months! They transitioned into the baby orphanage and now here they are in the Mole!

Most of the children that joined our family last night are the very ones I personally admitted into the baby orphanage many years ago when we opened. I love how God brings everything full circle!


Tonight we had some time to chill with all our babies on the porch! Wow – we really do fill the porch now!! The children had just finished dinner and bath time. Some were getting their hair braided! They were gathering on the porch preparing to sing & have prayer time! What an AWESOME sight to see!

The children already seem to be transitioning well! The older ones told us they ALREADY love it here!

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