Pleasant Valley and Momentum – Monday!

Well, it is safe to say that taking pictures of this place never does it justice both in its beauty and it’s pain.  I AM IN LOVE!  We have been a very busy crew today!  My cup is empty but it is a good empty.

We woke up today about 7:15am for breakfast.  It was great and my Daddy would be in heaven. We had oatmeal, with fresh milk, pure sugar and fresh butter.  It was great!  And let me tell you, the coffee over here is out of this world GOOD!  I mean really!  The coffee has so much flavor that you do not need anything but their fantastic sugar to make your hot night of sleep worth it!  OK…..enough of the food!

We quickly ate and got to work!  I have to admit some of  my difficulty being on a medical mission trip.  I have been graduated from PA school for 13 years now and times likes this make me miss it terribly.  So……Allen the director for the medical team has been putting me to work in the pharmacy and we are going out to see the surrounding villages tomorrow.

In the clinic today we have already seen and done a lot.  In fact, the night we arrived we had a 20-year-old young man come to us with a thyroid ductal cyst that he has had for over two months.  At that time Allen saw him but wasn’t able at that time to do anything about it because the truck with all the supplies had not arrived yet!  So we put him on doxycycline.  We were able to treat him more aggressively when the medical supplies arrived.

Today, by 11 am we had set up the pharmacy,seen and treated (that I knew of) over 15 patients. We are seeing a lot of cysts, skin infections, and gastrointestinal problems including GI bleeding and hemorrhoids. We were also able to drain most of the cysts and provide antibiotics to help with the healing process.

I was also able today to preach to the over 60 women from the village that showed up!  We were able to encourage them and help them understand that they are “strong and God loves them”.  It was amazing!

Ok……I have to stop now because the generator goes off soon and my roommates would really appreciate me taking a shower.

Pray tomorrow as we go into the villages in the mountains to provide the mountain Haitians with medical help!  I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT BECAUSE I GET TO GO!  HAPPY DANCE!

Grace and Peace,
Jill Pate
Momentum Christian Haiti Team 2012


What a day! Haiti is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. Scott and I got the chance to minister to the people waiting for the medical clinic. We used the wordless book to teach them the message of the gospel, and handed out bracelets that went with the book. The medical team was fantastic about sharing Jesus while ministering to people’s physical needs. Meanwhile Kim, Gabby, Sergio, and Peyton took balls and crafts to the park. They were able to play and paint rocks with the kids. They drew a crowd and were able to share the Gospel through the wordless book. They were able to minister to people in the community who may not attend the church. What a great opportunity!

We had a great lunch of rice and beans, and then set up for the Women’s Conference. The medical team went back to work, and we got ready for the women. Jill and I were able to speak to 60+ women. I shared about women throughout the Bible, and how their stories can affect our lives. It was wonderful to group together, as women, with our sisters in Christ.



We could definitely see God at work in the Mole and Preskul today and it was great to be along for the ride.  We were going in many different directions today.  It started with Rick and I using an interpreter to pray for each person individually who was waiting their turn to see the doctors at the medical clinic.  It was a blessing to hear their stories and to pray in the power of Jesus for their physical healing and for strength in their faith.  Hopefully we could provide some encouragement and strengthen them through the power of Christ. The Momentum team did an awesome job with the medical clinic and were able to serve many in the community who had no access to medical care.

While we were praying Karen and Renee were busy helping Erika get her preschool supplies organized and then helped her lead her first class of ten 3 – 4 years olds from the orphanage.  They received a blessing being with the kids and helping to provide some structure to their day, learn the first letter of the alphabet, count to ten, and sing Bible songs with them.

After lunch Rick and I took a 30 min. boat ride to the Preskul fishing village.  We felt so welcomed to their village.  We were asked to go deeper in sharing who God is and to challenge them to apply to their lives.  Today Rick shared the story of Jesus loving the children even though his disciples tried to keep them away.  We used that to share how Jesus cherished and loved children and how God wants them to love their children.  We told them that tomorrow when we return they will need to share examples of how they loved on their children tonight.  We brought some dominoes with us and just enjoyed time fellowshipping with the men.

In the afternoon Karen and Renee participated in the first day of the women’s conference.  They had 60 women from the town come and they had a great time sharing God’s love to all who attended.  They are participating with the NWHCM staff, and Momentum church in sharing testimonies, music and bible teaching. One of the biggest needs for prayer is an awareness that Haiti and this town have a culture of abuse towards women and they want this conference to be of encouragement and a start to change thinking in this town.

Tonight we will attend the second night of the revival.  Last night there were probably close to 200 in attendance and the music and preaching were inspiring.

Bill, Jess, Mom and Dad – Thanks for your comments (glad you figured that out Mom!) Love and miss you too! Renee’


  1. Hi Momentum Team!! Thank you so much for the awesome blog updates and pictures! We are constantly praying for each of you by name. Enjoy this precious time in Haiti and keep the updates coming!!!! So much LOVE ~ Jenny Ann

  2. Pure awesomeness. I can see the love on your faces as you show the love of Christ to the people of the Mole. It makes me want to be back there SOOO bad.
    Hopefully Kim has worked on being more graceful getting in & out of boats without flashing peeps 😉
    Thinking and praying for you daily. I know that God is doing amazing things through each of you. Hugs!!- Tammie Hinton

  3. Momentum Team–what an awesome post!! So excited that things are going so well and that the Lord is so good in his direction for who and what to bring to Haiti. He is always meeting the needs of His people; even those who have not found Him yet. Praying that as you wake and go into Tuesday that you feel His presence and power in such a supernatural way. Praying you have boldness and discernment in a way that could only come from His Spirit!! You are each loved and being covered in prayers!! Thank you for being such stewards of your faith and such a great example of our family!! Love and Blessings to each of you!!!

    P.V. we are encouraged and praying for your team as well!! Love in Christ!!

    Heather Ferris
    *Love you Gabs*

  4. Oh how I wish I was there with all of you!! It truly is a beautiful place! You guys are doing such amazing work for the Kingdom, and there’s no doubt God will continue to work through each of you to display His immeasurable love for EVERYONE. Jill, I agree, the coffee is wonderful, but those ice cold Coke’s are hard to beat. Danny, have the goats forgotten Matt, or are they still desperately calling for him?

    All, take comfort in knowing that you are being covered in prayer, (and bug spray), and we can’t wait to hear about the amazing experiences God has provided.

    Steve Swaney

  5. good morning team from PVBC see you are all very busy I know God is helping you get things done God Bless All of You miss you Renee love mom and dad

  6. So proud of our Momentum family. I am very sad that we couldnt come and see you guys while we where in Haiti. I cannot wait to hear about how God uses each one of you this week.

  7. Looks like you guys are doing some incredible things. For the past couple of weeks in KidMo we have been talking about Missions Trips. Just know that we have been praying for the team as well as the people in the Mole.

    Groves, have you seen Nino? If so, just give him a Hive Five for me.

    And thank you Steve Swaney for bringing that to my attention. Yeah, how are those goats? I felt like a celebrity walking through the streets.

    Anyways, love you guys. Faithfully praying that God gives you the strength to reach your hands out daily on this trip the share the love of Jesus! Cant wait to hear the stories when you return!

  8. Hi Haiti Team – What a great post and wonderful pictures. Looks like everyone is busy and the smiles on your faces tells it all. Thank you for your willingness to GO. God is and will continue to use you and guide your steps. Allow Him to do that. I know all of heaven is smiling as you love and care for the beautiful people of Haiti. Praying for each of you daily. I look forward to more pictures and posts as this amazing journey continues.
    Love you guys!

  9. Hi Renee I just got back from Bible Study we are going to mow Grandmothers yard then Bowl on Wed. and get ready to leave for Colorado Thursday we are praying for all of you be safe and know aaaagod is always with you you look very happy see you soon can’t wait to hear all the stories love to all Mom and dad

  10. Sounds like God is truly working thur you all as a team. All you guys are in our prayers, the Brabsons, Kim, Kylah, & Walter

  11. Wow! Love hearing all the good stuff God is doing through u all. We r praying faithfully for the team. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to hear the stories!

    1. So grateful to receive the updates and pictures every day!! It looks like you all are getting to see and do some amazing things! I hope you embrace every MOMENT of the experience. Thinking of you all, and hello to Mike and the medical team! : ) Jessee

  12. So grateful for the updates and pictures!! Looks like you guys are getting to see and do some amazing things! Hello to Mike and the medical team! Keeping you all in my thoughts. -Jessee

  13. Hi Renee well its time for the goats tomorrow hope you have fun getting them delivered God is at work through you and the teams did you get your other luggage with lights in it sure hope so we love all of you and are praying for your safety I see you in alot of pictures sure look good with the children love you very much Renee’s mom and dad

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