Momentum and Pleasant Valley – Tuesday

From Pleasant Valley –

It’s an unusual experience for Americans to wake at 5 AM to the sound of a church singing and praying. I have to admit that, at first, I was a little irritated. But once I figured out where all of the commotion was coming from I was very moved. No offense to my American church friends, but I can’t imagine a full-blown worship service beginning that early.

This morning we spent some time walking around one of the neighborhoods…passing out stickers, painting fingernails for the girls and talking with the great folks we met. They asked a lot of questions about why we were there and we had opportunities to share with them and pray. Our hearts were broken by at least one encounter. We met young girl (maybe 5 or so) hauling water to her house. We asked if we could carry the water and she led us quite a way up the road and then up a pretty steep hill to her house. We can’t even begin to relate to this kind of situation in affluent America. At the same time, it’s hard to believe the openness. That’s also not found in most places in America.

This afternoon, the guys went back to the fishing village at Preskul. Yesterday we challenged the men to find something to do to show love to their kids. They reported that, last night, they got together as a village and threw a party for the kids. They gathered under the lone light and turned on some music and danced with their children. That’s responding to a challenge! Today Jeff shared the story of Ruth and Boaz and talked about being a godly husband. We challenged the men to find a non-sexual way to show love to their wives tonight.

While we were there we also had an opportunity to see some handmade lobster traps made out of bamboo. Very cool stuff. Rick didn’t do so well playing Haitian dominoes today and wound up wearing a whole bunch of clothespins up and down his arms. It’s all a part of fitting in with the guys there.

Karen shared today during the women’s conference. She talked about choosing God and the kinds of resolve that takes. She got a good response from the ladies in attendance.

Today we also took delivery of four goats and we’re expecting to see a couple of donkeys arrive tomorrow.

God continues to do amazing things and I know that it’s not over yet.


From Momentum –

Today was our fourth day. My main man Sergio and I (Peyton) are the bloggers tonight, oh yeah! The team went up to Marouge! That was definitely a once in a life time experience to say the least! The medical team helped soooo many patients today. Then Sergio, Allyson, Scott, Gabby and myself were having a ball with all the kids. We brought them soccer balls to play with, Gabby and I did a puppet show for all our patients that were waiting.

Big news for Moxie today, Josh would be so proud! Gabby and I showed a bunch of Haitian kids the Moxie Swag dance, that’s right, we’re going global baby! Allyson and Gabs painted all the little girls nails and it was a complete success! Scott did awesome with the kids! He taught on the Wordless Book, which tells the gospel message through colors. We passed out bracelets with all the colors to the children that were tuned in. It was great seeing their faces so intrigued by the story of God.

While all of this was happening, the medical team was all over the place, being creative at all times, improvising the Pharmacy, the exam tables, I.V. stations, etc. Flash lights were essential since the place we were in had no electricity.

Jill, Nick and Gabby headed the pharmacy while Loren, Allan, Andrew, Mike, Rob, Brandy and Jenn performed all the procedures attending a whooping 35 patients. Everything ranged from simple vitamin shots to extracting a big cyst from someone’s skull.

That pretty much summed up the day in Marouge. The transition back to the Mole is another story in itself. We brought home three goats that sounded like a bunch of crying babies the whole way back, it could be because they were hog-tied though… Anyways, we also had a blowout on the truck. A tire got ripped up on the rocky path back from the mountains. That’s when we had to get the Haitian pit crew out there to change the tire, very impressive I must say!

We arrived at 6pm and have just a little time to eat and go to the revival. The crowd is the largest one yet and they are having the time of their lives! The lead lady is just awesome! Although we cannot understand a word she says, we are all sharing the joy and dancing with the locals as she sings her songs.

Sergio did his lesson tonight! I have to say it was the bomb! He shared his testimony and trials of his life. How God showed love to him to get him through it and that God loves us all. Kim this is for you! Even though I wasn’t here I know you did a bang up job with the women’s conference! You have gotten a spark lit under these women in this town.

By the way they were singing at the revival “We’re not gonna take it,” which refers to the men not treating them how they should! Great stuff.

Okay, Sergio and Peyton out!


  1. Moxie Swag in Haiti– I LOVE IT!!! Sounds like The Lord is moving and you are all right there following!! So awesome to hear u boys and read ur perspective!!! Praying for the Lords continued work to be done thru all u!!!! Praying for u all to have restful rest and an amazing Spirit filled day tomorrow. Love each of u and prayers constantly!!!


  2. I am so very proud of all of you!!! Wiping the tears away as I look at these pictures for the 10th time! Allan, I love you! God Bless you all! xoxoxo~Lorrie

  3. Awesome post, Peyton and Sergio – thank you for walking all of us back home through your daily adventures. It’s not only fun to be able to imagine what you’re doing but to also know how to better pray for you guys. The pictures are amazing. I want collage them, and mural a wall with them, but that would just be weird. Kim – you look like you are straight up preachin’ in the pics – you go girl! (Just don’t show anyone your panties, k?) Jill – not quite sure how you’re pulling this off in the heat, but you look so pretty in the pictures – must be that Holy Spirit shining through you. Course, you are already gorgeous so he had a good start. Jen/Nic – the tap tap pic is great with the tongue out and Jen lookin like some lil ol lady who fell asleep on her bus ride to church 🙂 Gabby – those kids LOVE YOU. It shows in every picture. Keep doing whatever crazy stuff you’re doing. And be nice to your mommy and daddy – the heat can make them a little crazy at times, so just show them grace 🙂 Danny – rumor has it that you haven’t done a thing simce you got there, so step it up. Lauren – I’m anxious to hear what you’ve learned about cysts – well, not really. But I do want to hear why you’ve learned (but I’m not sure ill be able stomach the cyst details, per se). In the meantime, get in more of the pictures! I want to see more of you!! Allen – I haven’t even met you yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things about your spirit as enthusiasm and giving heart. Thank you for leading this medical team (who I hope to meet soon) and being the face of Jesus and being obedient to this calling.

    To all of you – continue to rest in Jesus and know that you are covered in prayer back home. God wants to do amazing things with each of you while you’re there, so BE BOLD and step out in faith. It mostly likely won’t even be in the places you thought it would be. Your Momentum Family LOVES you and we appreciate what you are doing for the Mole!! Jody – If you are reading this, give yourself (and those precious kids of yours) and huge hug from me, and the rest of us that are “left behind” 🙂

  4. I think I thought I left a comment on Monday but I must have forgotten to hit “submit”. I didn’t want you guys to think I’d forgotten about you up until now. I just can’t always get my chubby fingers to obey when I’m typing a message on the iPhone. Don’t you love how snobby that sounds when your sitting in Haiti? Don’t judge me! xoxo

  5. good morning to all hope all is going well today Renee looks like you are very busy we will be leaving tomorrow we won’t be here when you get home we will see you when we get back to hear all the stories you have and all that you have learned about a different cultures hope all goes well with the goats tomorrow love you lots mom and dad

  6. Tracey September 26, 2012 at 12:58 pm #
    Hi Renee!, I have been thinking about you so much and praying for you this week. I am having Haiti Mole withdraw just looking at the pictures! I knew you would do amazing work there, the pics of you hugging those children of God just makes my heart sing and eyes well up with tears of joy! Excited to see there is more medical relief there this week with you guys. Have a wonderful rest of your journey! God Bless You. Love, Tracey your Ready Set Go! partner and July 2012 medical team member!

  7. Lauren, know that you and the whole team are being prayed for daily, along with the NWHCM organization! I have been so blessed to learn what all is going on in that community. In spite of the hard stories, I sense that the Holy Spirit at work in a mighty way! We are holding down the fort here at the Lewis household but you are being missed dearly. Countdown has begun in earnest to your return. Please pray for little Truett – he is in very critical condition – his kidneys are not working and fluids are building so please lift this little one up for special prayers and also his parents. We love you and miss you so much but feel very blessed indeed to have the opportunity to see what God is doing there through you all! He is Sovreign, He is on His Throne even in the hardest circumstances. Much love from us all – Derrick, Elizabeth, Layla and Josiah (who is sleeping thru the night – PTL)! Mom

  8. I have so enjoyed reading the blog everyday and looking at the precious pictures! Allyson and Scott, you both look like mission life is meant for you. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I wish I could be there to help the medical team. Maybe next time! Momentum team, you are amazing and we give God the glory! Love from Conyers, Mom

  9. Hey Pleasant Valley, over half way through … is that like saying the glass is half full or half empty? So very blessed to read what you and your Momentum friends are doing for the people of the Mole and surrounding villages. Thank you for standing in the gap for all of us! 🙂

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