Pleasant Valley and Momentum – Wednesday!

Greetings PV Friends and Family.

I can’t believe it’s already Day 6 for us here in The Mole. The days are action-packed and often long, but they are flying by. The children of this town and the surrounding villages have captured my heart. I was drawn here by the children and now I know why…they are resilient and beautiful, full of hope and joy even though many of the things we consider basic needs often go unmet. I am overwhelmed by how little we can do, but we do everything we can to help them understand how much we care.

The most important thing all of us can do is to pray for them. We do what we can to lighten their load while we are here, but I’m calling on you now to continue to pray.

This morning, Karen and I conducted Day 2 of preschool. The children are eager to learn and today we focused again on colors and numbers. We also shared the Band in a Box musical instruments which I would say was the biggest hit of today’s class (thanks Gayla and group!) Check out the precious video below.

Major thanks are also in order for Kenson our translator who lead the children in song.

Rick and Jeff spent the morning doing a games ministry in the local park. They were joined by several boys who participated in a rigorous game of basketball and several games of dominoes, the local game of choice for guys young and old. Jody asked us when we arrived to be out in the community interacting with the people and we have been intentional about that.

This afternoon we wrapped up the ladies conference. Karen and I have put the PV hospitality way in place by greeting each woman each day on the front steps of the mission when they come in. We were joined by Lauren from the Momentum team today.

The amazing thing to us is the transformation that we’ve seen in these women since the first day of the conference. They didn’t seem to know how to take our greeting on the first day, but today, they smiled in recognition and warmly extend their hands.

I spoke today; it was the first time I’ve ever shared a part of my faith walk in a public forum. It was humbling and rewarding and I was reminded once again that God is faithful to equip me for whatever He leads me to.

Rick and Jeff completed their 3-day ministry at Preskul this afternoon. Their story-telling ministry continues to produce fruit as the men there shared stories of how they rose to yesterday’s challenge on “How to be a Godly Husband.”

Today’s topic was “How to be a Godly Man.” Please also continue to pray for the people of Preskul as again, we believe God is working in and through us to impact their lives for His glory.

I have mixed feelings about preparing to leave this place. I miss my family and friends, but there is so much work to be done here. I thank God for leading me here, for this opportunity to support Jody and Jose in doing God’s work. PV family, please continue to pray and to follow His call to go. We have seen our support and prayers in action this week.

Blessing to all. We’ll seen you soon!



Hey Haiti blog people! It’s Gabby! Boy are you in for treat!

Today was full of craziness (the good).  Right now I am telling you my side of today! I took a zzquil last night and in the middle of the night about 10 dogs got into a fight on our porch and I (the closest one to the door and next to a screened window) was about to go street level on some dogs! My mother started banging on the door and yelling to the dogs “shoo shoo dogs go away! I am going to throw a rock at any dog that barks at my room tonight!

When we woke up, we had a great breakfast of……  I don’t remember but it was good! Then my mom, dad, Lauren, Sergio, Scott, Allison and I went and did hut to hut in the Mountains.  We also blew bubbles, read the wordless book, prayed with people and painted fingernails.

Allison’s and I met our new boyfriend Edward (Pronounced Edwa)! Then went to the orphanage. Guys I am in love with the orphanage! Soo many babies! One baby about two years old can mimic anything you say.

So imagine we are flying to Miami Friday night when my mom says I am missing one speaker for the women’s conference and I was like I will do it! I did not know what to talk about so I talked to my interpreter Rose to ask her what I should talk about. Her first answer was tell them how to treat their children.

So I was immediately hooked on that topic. I do not want to be prideful but everybody told me, I WAS AMAZING! I WENT ALL PREACHER ON THOSE PEOPLE! Step over BART I GOT THIS! hehehheheheh I am just kidding.

My mom followed me and spoke truth to the ladies about child abuse. My dad, Andrew, Scott and Sergio did more Hut-to-Hut and prayed with people. They also went to the beach, not fair.

We had the kids at the mission house to watched Lilo and Stitch.  About a 100 children showed up.  We also played with chalk. The steps to the house look amazing.  Well I am hot and never want to leave!

p.s. Yesterday and tomorrow I am helping the medical team with the pharmacy! Yes people I am trusted with giving people prescription medication. I have watched 3 surgeries while I have been here and still counting!

Really gross not going into nasty details!

with Love and Jezi remmen ou (jesus loves you in creole).



Hi Everyone,

Today we woke up to the sound of our friendly neighborhood dogs greeting each other at about 2 am.  However, I was sooo tired I went right back to sleep.

The coffee here is the best coffee I ever have ever drank… I think because the sugar locally made.  On the way to Savon Mole a man stopped and asked us to pray for him and his family.  He was fearful that his home would be robbed. My hubby did a great job leading the group in prayer for him and his family.

As we left the Mole St Nicholas we knew we should have brought that spare tire.  What would have been a 30 min trip, took a little longer when our one of our tires went flat.  About an hour later we rotated the tires we had and were on our way again.  We could not have been stranded in a more beautiful location.  We were on a hill overlooking the mountains and the ocean.  There were butterflies, cacti, aloe plants, and goats every where. Ruins in paradise, that is what Haiti is.

When we finally got to Savon Mole we set up our minute clinic and got to work.  We saw 32 patients in 3 hours!! I was surprised how many people have stomach acid and urinary problems.

I felt so ethically torn when I triaged a girl who was only 8 years old and had symptoms of a STD. On the one hand if we call the police she will be an outcast in her community, on the other hand if we don’t say anything nothing changes.

But this is Haiti…Despite the heat and environment, everyone who helped on the medical team did a phenomenal job.  Jill and Nick were pharmacy, I manned triage, Brandy was the nurse for 3 providers.  Allen, Mike, and Rob were awesome!! We gave all the kids vitamins.  Thankfully we mananged to get home on the rocky roads without another flat tire.

I was so excited to see vegetables served with dinner tonight.  When Jodi said we could buy cold Snickers bars… It was the BEST 2 dollars ever spent!!!

After dinner we set up our clinic (in suitcases) for tomorrow right here in the Mole St Nicholas.  I am excited, for tomorrow….  I am sure we will have a great turn out of patients.

with love,



Allo, Bon’sa!!!

Baaaa’ha’aaaaaa.  I wasnt sure if it was the goat, an orphan, a tarantula (we named Frank and stole Scott’s granula bars) or one of the men who snores so loud that it bounces off the mountains and roars back into camp.  Ha!

Today is titled “Surprise”.  And of course, the rooster began preparing for his morning concert at 1130pm, 12am, 1am, 130am, 3am, and then 4,and began his concert at 5am.  PS — the day before, first service started at 5am and it sounded pretty packed there!

Each day is a hectic pace of events.  I wasn’t expecting a repeat of the day before, but was blown away and refreshed!  The morning began with a man asking us to pray for him and his family.  After the small team prayed for him, he light up like a lighthouse.  It was one of the brightest smiles I’ve encountered here.  There wasn’t any doubt about him getting touched by the Spirit.

We then departed from the “Discount Tire” store, without an extra spare, and we were on our bumpy way.  Sure enough, “boom”, and we were then sitting out in the wild.  Yesterday’s flat was quickly fixed, but without a spare we were playing Rubix cube with the existing tires.  We didn’t need to go Bear Gryllis, but we were prepared to hunt the butterflies.

As we pass each hut, the kids living out in the countryside get so extremely excited waving back at us.  It’s such an awesome experience just sharing a wave, a simple smile and “Jezzi Amour Tu”.

Once we arrived to the town, the people quickly began to show-up.  Since I slept at a Days Inn, I was working the pharmacy.  I’ve gotten pretty good with it! Played with the kids while dispensing, a smile, a goofy look and some goofy dancing while working just lit them up.  Sharing a few phrases to let them know God loved them lit them up too.

After several hours, we wrapped up headed home for a treat!  A huge meal with chocolate heaven SNICKERS!!!!

After dinner, it was another frantic pace to race back to the orphanage and clear out the medical houses and then setup again at the main campus.

Each day roars through like a week.  Its exhausting but awesome work is coming together.

Anyway, 10pm and we all need to race back to the tents and crash hard for another full day that feels like a week worth of effort.

Keep us all lifted up and the people here too!



  1. Praying that God gives you each an extra measure of perseverance and that He lights up the Mole with His love through you!! God bless each and every one of you!!

  2. Tears. . . I so miss those precious children!! Thank you sooo much for the video!! You all are doing such tremendous work there in the Mole!!! I know that you AND those precious people are being blessed over and over!!

  3. Lauren, you made it in some pics and they are adorable. The rest of you just look sweaty and tired – what’s that about? Just try to stay cool and get some rest – HA HA HA…snicker, snort. Speaking of Snickers…apparently Jody held out on the Snickers for our group. I’m just glad I know where we stand now. Based on this new knowledge, I will be continuing to pray for everyone, but not Jody. — Katie Swaney

  4. Gabby you rocked it girl. So proud of you, getting right up there and speaking. You are such a blessing and a ball of energy for the team.
    Team – Y’all hang in there. Praying for an extra measure of strength as you approach the finish line there. So proud of the whole team. Let the light of Jesus continue to shine bright through each of you. See ya soon. Love ya!

  5. Wow, just love hearing all the amazing stories of the incredible experiences u all r having. I’m not sure but was that one Haitian wearing a UK shirt? I believe so! The Big Blue Nation is everywhere. Gabby, I guess we’ll have to plan the Sunday that u r preaching when u get back. Sergio, u r one amazing bubble guy! We love u all and r so proud of you. Medical team I can only imagine what you’ve been able to do! Can’t wait to hear more. Finish the week strong and Alan, no betting on the dog fights. And Lauren, that pic of u and that sweet little girl is so precious!

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