Momentum and Pleasant Valley- Friday!

From Momentum –

It is friday and we leave the Mole tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m..  All I can say, well done good and faithful servants.

This team worked long hours and worked so hard so we could accomplish so much.  Danny and I feel blessed and humbled to have led this amazing team.  The medical team saw over 250 patients, with a lot of surgeries that happened.  They were amazing!

The ministry team was able to be apart of the revival with Danny, Nick and Sergio speaking.  Scott, Andrew, Jill, Kenson and I sang 3 nights at the revival.  We were apart of the Ladies retreat where Jill, Allyson, Gabby and I spoke.  Jill, Allyson, Gabby, Kenson, our friends from Pleasant Valley Church and I sang at the Ladies retreat .  We also did Hut to Hut evangelism, worked with the orphanage kids, and the preschool program.

Besides serving the Mole, we went to Marouge, Savan Mole, and Preskul.  I am even exhausted, which takes a lot for me to get to that point.  Katie, you would be proud of me, I did not moon anyone.  But my roomies were very bad last night.  You see, a mouse came out from under a bed and went under my bed and I screamed and climbed on a bunk in the other room.  I told them I was not moving until someone caught that mouse.  So about 15 minutes went by and Jill Pate came into in the room I was in and told me she got mouse and put it out side.  She became my best friend and I was so happy.

So I went to bed but today I was cleaning up our room because I lived a week with several messy people. so, while I was cleaning the mouse came out from under my bed.  I screamed, people came running because they thought I fell. Needless to say Jill did not catch the mouse; they all decided to fib to me so they could get me in bed and quiet.  Well, that is what they said.  I can not believe they fibbed to me; if that mouse got in my bed last night, pay backs would have been bad. Yes Jody, I know you knew. Anyways, it has been an awesome week.  I feel this team has truly been the hands, feet and face of Jesus. Love Kim


My most sincerest thanks to this medical team! And yet I feel like that is not enough. Some of our folks in the community told us that they went to the doctor in Port-au-Prince and they said they needed $25,000.00 for surgery! We just did it for free! There were countless stories of hopeless people with no chance of receiving the life-changing and  life-saving surgeries! This is the first time we’ve had the skill set to pull off minor surgeries! HUNDREDS OF THEM! The community has embraced NWHCM in a way they never have before. All day long we heard how God had answered their prayers!

God used this team in mighty ways! I am SO grateful for their generosity! Today as I filled up my little clinic – tears began to stream down my cheeks! I can’t believe it. I have enough supplies to open my clinic full-time! I have enough supplies to reach hundreds and hundreds of people. I will never forget their countless sacrifices so that we might serve our beautiful Mole people! I admire Allan so much- both his dedication and his love to serve those in need!  


Pleasant Valley flew home today! We were able to give their goats away this afternoon to 2 beautiful ladies! They are faithful to the church and have a true love for God!! They were SO shocked and humbled by these goats! They said they cry out to God to hear their needs and to “remember” them! They said today they KNOW God has not forgotten them!


  1. Hello Mole & Momentum Team,
    Just a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity to serve along side you this past week. It was truly an amazing experience for me and I am in awe of the way God worked in and through all of us this past week. I’m sorry that I didn’t get the opportunity to say good bye to many of you before our unexpected and hasty departure.

    The people of the Mole have captured my heart, especially the children. I am amazed at their resilience and I continue to pray for God to protect and provide for them. We have many ideas about how we can continue to support and care for them. Jody, we’ll be reaching out to you to share our thoughts as we debrief with Gayla.

    Safe travels to all of you today. We arrived back in Kansas City about 12:30 this morning. It was a long day, but we made it safely and that is what matters. We thank God for his protection and pray for you as you travel home Momentum team and for Jody and Jose as they travel to Catalyst.

    Beth, thank you for your awesomeness and for delivering my letter to Rollins and Alberto. I appreciate your support and guidance while I was there.

    We’ll be in touch.

    Continued prayers for all,

  2. Hello Mole and Momentum Team,

    I echo what Renee said, it was great week serving with you in the Mole. It looks like you team had a great final day serving and sharing with people in Preskul.

    It was a blessing to be part of where God was at work. We had the opportunity to touch the lives of many people with the love of Christ. Maybe it was their first time to hear of Jesus or maybe we were watering a seed that was planted by a team before us. One day there is going to be a great harvest in the Mole and what a celebration that is going to be.

    Jody, Jose, Beth, Pierre and Jocelyn, you are all in my prayers as you are on the front lines.

    Love in Christ,

  3. Hello NWHCM team!

    It is 07:49AM in McDonough, GA and I have been up since a little bit after 05:00am, go figure 🙂 .

    I started to wonder what the team would be doing if were still there.
    Thinking back, it is hard to believe what was accomplished in the (now) short week we stayed.

    We were all a group of strangers with a common goal – to show Christ love to the people of Haiti/The Mole Saint Nicolah and re-ignite their passion for Christ.
    The interaction between the Family Medical Practice Team (Allan, Brandy, Mike, Rob, and Andrew) and the Momentum Team (Myself, The Groves’, Nick and Jenn, Scott and Allyson, Jill, Lauren,Peyton) was flawless from Day 1 and continued like that till we said goodbye at the Atlanta Airport last night; absolutely fantastic how God prepared us all for this trip!

    Jody and Jose,
    “Thank you” is just not enough to let you know how grateful I am (and I believe I can speak for the teams as well)for the opportunity and the trust given to us, allowing us to serve the beautiful people of The Mole St. Nicolah.

    Allan and team,
    Without you, this mission trip would be a much different one. You brought lots of joy and fun to us all, keeping the mission’s “atmosphere” on high at all times. The things I learned from you are priceless and I will carry them with me forever.

    Momentum Team,
    Well done!
    I got a lot more than I bargained for from you. Each one of you taught me something through your words, the things that you done, and your actions towards me and the people of the Mole.

    PVBC Team,
    Thanks for a great sermon on Sunday and the friendly way you received us!

    In Christ,


    1. I honestly am at a loss for words…. Sergio would say that is one of Gods greatest miracles. I will simply say I have never seen such good in a group of people surely brought together by God. I am overwhelmed. I was amazed by each and everyone of my fellow team members and I am so humbled to have been a small part of the good that can occur when inspired people are lead by the Lord to act. Allan

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