Pillowcase Dresses…

We absolutely LOVE pillowcase dresses! Friday we passed out dresses and homemade shorts in Preskul! What a blessing! The mothers were SO EXCITED!! They are light-weight, bright, & fit just right!!

Whoever dreamt up the pattern is brilliant! They really are perfect for our environment here!

Here are just a few of our beautiful little girls (both from the orphanage & Preskul)- sporting their pillowcase dresses! Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their time and energy to make them!


  1. Those dresses were made by a patient of mine, Aleta Walters. She has already told me she would need me to go back to take 200 more. God bless her sweet sweet heart. She made 107 dresses by herself in 2 weeks. She is my buddy! Love her to death. Allan imes

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