Clinic Now Open Full-Time!

Since the summer I have only been able to operate my pediatric clinic just a few days a month. Without medicines and supplies – it just wasn’t possible to treat all of those sick little babies!

A few weeks ago we had a baby who needed oxygen. I didn’t have any way to help the family.

I have had children come to the clinic needing antibiotics. With only a few bottles left – I had to make the tough decision –  which child needs it the most? Or which child is too far gone that I cannot spare what little I have.

It’s so incredibly hard to know that diarrhea is one of the leading killers among children under 5 in Haiti – and I have to choose which children will receive the life-saving medicines they need.

I literally have to make life & death choices every week. It can be so overwhelming. I remind myself constantly that these are HIS children. I can only do what I can do. But it doesn’t make sleep any easier.

This is why I have spent the last week crying tears of joy! God has heard & answered my prayers for this clinic!  This past week Allan Imes & the Family Medical Clinic donated enough supplies to keep me open every day for the rest of the year!

I have suitcases full of medical supplies and medicines – so much so they won’t even fit on my shelves! I also have an oxygen machine, defibrillator, battery-powered nebulizer, otoscopes, cholesterol machine, portable EKG machine, HCG machine, h-pylora tests, HIV test, urine test, mono test, pulse ox, accu-chek, tons of IM/IV medications,  & other lab equipment!

I am SO CRAZY excited that I don’t have to turn anyone away! With so many supplies – I can also open the clinic to adults! It’s been so depressing to run my clinic these past few months! Now I can’t wait to open its doors full-time!


  1. Allan heard the call from God to move and he did. I don’t say that to puff him up but rather to encourage others. God is stirring in Haiti, in the Mole and in this ministry. Rise up to call brothers and sisters in Christ! Rise up! After Being there it is easy to say, “I’ll never be the same.” GOOD! I pray all that experience such a place where children die from diarrhea never return to the apathy and ignorance that plagued our hearts before! Never more! Lord, you truly have broken my heart for what is breaking yours.

    To much is given, much is required. Luke 12:48

    And Jody, if you recall, I didn’t say, “No.”

  2. I have to be honest, I almost took the hand held ekg machine back with me. That and the battery powered neb. They were just to cool. Hehehe. I guess you need them more though. Our clinic and our church were thrilled to be able to help the wonderful people of the mole and your work Jodi. If God so desires I will be back. Allan

      1. That is so weird, He was just telling me this morning that He was looking forward to walking with Allan again in the Mole. Jesus is really spreading that around. Hmm, must be for a reason.

  3. Jodi, I will be back. ASAP I will be back. I don’t have a choice…Haiti is in my heart. God wants me to go and I want to come. I understand that I get more out of it than the people of Haiti do. Plans are already being made! Miss ya, Allan

  4. Me too, Me too! I am so glad to see that the supplies have found a permanent home and that what God has started He is faithful to complete it!

    Love you all and miss you terribly!
    Jill Pate

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