It’s a Good Mornin’

It’s a Good Mornin’

Posted on October 4, 2012 by coachin4christ

“It’s a Good Mornin” by Mandissa has become one of our songs each morning as the kids and I begin school. We have Bible time where we are going through the Bible from begining to end with Max Lucado’s childrens “His Story” and I am using Al the Aligator to help me share and read His Story. It’s been fun to see the kids faces light up when I share God’s message with them. We do a bit of work in phonics and then it is off to Miss Beth’s room to do a bit free dance to some of Mandissa and other Christian artists. We always begin with “It’s a Good Mornin” just to get us on the right page for the day, plus it wakes them up a bit as they get their blood a pumpin. They love this time and I do to as I watch as well as join in the fun. Our last song is usually slow and calming song that I have them listen and sway to the music. Gabe the first day we tried this thru his hands in the air, closed his eyes, and swayed back and forth real slow.It brought tears to my eyes as he so looked as if He was hearing and understanding the words and worshipping the One we sang and sing about. I don’t know what always goes on in this young boys mind, but his heart is tender for the things of God….even if he does get himself in trouble all the time:>)

For example: This morning he walked into the classroom with his head held low and face sad. I asked Gabe if he had anything to tell me. He said, ” Miss Beth I didn’t mean to.”  What do you mean Gabe?, ” He proceeded to tell me what he had said to M’Ne Ne that morning and that he had been angry. I asked him if that was all he said and he said yes. I said are you sure? His head was low again, but didn’t tell me. The girls had filled me in a bit before he came down…of course! “Gabe your heart is wrestling because you didn’t tell me everything and because of what you did. You said some things that were unkind and now you are feeling bad aren’t you?” His head still was low. “So Gabe what do you think you should do?” Well miss beth I should say will you please forgive me. “Yes Gabe you should….I am looking at you now and I can tell that it bothers you. God wants us to ask for forgiveness, He knows how difficult it can be, but it is even more difficult when we don’t ask. After class he went and told M’ne ne he was sorry and to please forgive him. So it was a Good Mornin!!!! The power of Forgiveness is Freeing!!!

Now before any of this happened guess who came down to class with M&M back packs ready for school. Well not my regular group of 4:>) At 7:15am Asher and Levi came into class telling me they were ready. Ready for what boys? School!!! I couldn’t help, but smile big and so I did a bit of school with them for about 25 min. since the gang of 4 were running late. We counted, said our colors, and just had a time together. When I told them it was time to go you should have seen their faces:>(  Imagine this and Asher crossing his arms with his head down. Levi on the other hand was sad, but smiled and said see you later. Asher ended up coming down later just before class was out and joined us in the last of our work and we prayed together.

I don’t know, but even with the ups, the downs, the sad faces, the hard lessons…It was a Good Mornin!!!

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  1. Don’t tell anyone, but I think Gabe is my favorite!! He was cracking me up when you guys came to PVBC and we took him to the farm. He kept telling me that Mama Gigi farted :). God’s going to do something special with each of those kids!!! Give them all a big hug from Aunty Candy!!

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