Kentucky Group…

Not sure where to begin with today’s many activities…Jocelyn shared history about the Mole on our way to the orphanage and details of the earthquake. Problems that exist in Haiti are universal.

We spent a few hours playing with the children at the orphanage.

The Mole is beautiful with many opportunities to be the hands and feet of God. It has many reminders of a once thriving beach town.

Following lunch we road to Marouge to pick up 7 pairs of goats. Numerous breath taking views to be seen between the Mole and Marouge. Marouge market was active. Watching the goats feet being tied together for travel back to the Mole reminded me how dependent our lives need to be on God. If we’re not focused on him our problems will or at least seem to be larger than life entangling us to feel burdened instead of joyous in his love. Love is the greatest gift we can share, life without love and a smile is truly just existing.


  1. Where are you folks from? Kentucky is a pretty big place to be from.

    It’s been over two weeks since we were there, and I’m ready to return to the Mole.


  2. Mmmmmhhhh? How have I gotten myself involved with all these Kentucky people? I thought Kentucky was a mythical place so that a chicken place could have a name! Hope the group at the mole is safe and continues to do great things for the folks of Haiti. God bless them! Allan imes

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