Kentucky Group – Friday!

Day 5 at the Mole

We had us some yummy biscuits and chocolate…yes chocolate gravy! YUMMY!!! Ha! Ha! Then we loaded up two pairs of goats on a little yellow boat and went to Ka-Pa-Fu to deliver them.

After our 40ish minute long boat ride we arrived on the rocky shoreline of Ka-Pa-Fu. Ka-Pa-Fu is a pretty small little fishing village on the side of a hill. It’s a National Geographic moment when you see it. There are palm trees and huge cactuses! Like wow, how many places do you know of that has palm trees and cactuses!?!

We walked around a little and saw the homes and the people, most of whom were cleaning these brightly colored fishes. We saw purple, yellow, blue, and red ones that were just wow! They also had some they strung up to dry out and my best friend and I joke about how they’re making fish jerky! Ha! Ha! But really…fish jerky…um no thanks (=

The homes were built from dried palm tree leaves and held up with big ‘ole branches. The tops had coral and huge conch shells on them to keep them stable. These houses survived the earthquake and hurricanes; it just amazes me how something like that could last through it. It’s like the little kids song, the wise man built his house on the rock, and the rains came and it lasted.

When we lad the goats up for these people their faces were just lit-up in happiness. We had our translator tell them that the goats were for sharing throughout the village, and not to eat them or anything either.

They were so grateful though, and that made my day, just seeing their faces. 
When we returned to the Mole after we had lunch we gave away the remaining five pairs of goats. The goat I had to lead just did not want to move. I swear she was like a kid that you’re leading to time out and doesn’t want to go. After struggling to lead her I realized huh, she’s fat…maybe she’s preggo! Lol! (= So that’s probably why she didn’t really want to be pulled along…

Then the families came over and got the goats of their choice. There were cries of “Merci! Merci! Merci!” (Thank you, thank you, thank you) directed towards us. I felt so bad because I didn’t remember what “you’re welcome” was in creole, but granny knew. So soon their cries of “Merci” were met with ours of “Pa-de-qua” or you’re welcome.

One lady in this cute green dress went around and hugged all of us, and kissed our cheeks and arms and cried, “Merci! Merci!!” more than anyone else. You could really see God in this moment. You could see His hands blessing this lady and the others. But really, I could see him most through her, and her smile, and just her gratefulness. (=  One of the best moments of this trip by far!

After our goat give away we trekked up to the mountains and invited kids to the showing of a movie that night on the steps at the mission. And let me tell ya –  these kids told their friends, who told their friends, who told their friends, and so on. It was packed with kids and adults alike. I felt kinda sick so I did not partake in all of the movie, but from our room I saw my best friend sitting with the kids and just having fun!  So I knew it was great (=

The part I did catch was kinda weird! I love the movie Despicable Me as much as the next person…but in French…thank goodness for subtitles! Then it was time for bed –  all in all a great day!


Day 6 at the Mole,

We gallivanted off to the good ‘ole orphanage again where we were met by all the kiddos once again. My headache had still not left from the day before so you can imagine how I felt when the kids would not sit and listen. I even busted out some chalk and was like, “chita! chita!”!

I drew big ‘ole Xs for those young ones who didn’t want to sit on the line like everyone else. I think they just enjoy messing with me!

Once we finally had them all behaving –  we passed a ball around in the circle for what felt like hours. We had to keep yelling pass the ball, “Pase-la-bulla”!  Some of them didn’t want to pass it  – so to timeout they went! And they were not happy!

Then one adult and Sarah took the kids for a walk on a kitty-rope. We had our interpreter tell then to not let go or they would be sent back. All but one kid did well today!!:)

Back at the orphanage, Demi had a group of 2 little boys about 6 or seven of them and 2 girls about 2 or 3 years old sit in two circles! We had 2 balls telling them to roll the ball NOT throw it! We couldn’t speak Creole so we talked to them by making throwing motions and saying NO, and rolling it and saying “Oui” which means YES!

They did well until the other kids got back from their walk.  Then I had to put about 3 or 4 kiddos into timeout!

For lunch  we had goat… which does not taste of chicken! Then off to a nap which helped the headache and the irritability! What really helped was the beach – which consisted of roasted hotdogs, eating cookies, playing in the water… and devotions which was amazing!!! Very emotional but very head-on!

I really enjoyed this week and time away from everyone and getting to see a part of the world that I feel really needs to be seen!! You could really see God’s grace and mercy, power through the actions,  and love that appears within this country:)

I want to thank Jody, Jose, Jocelyn, Pierre, and all the lovely kitchen ladies for making this week AMAZING :))

Sorry about our spelling, I know Kentucky people have bad spelling!! Ha! Ha!

Well nighty nite!

Peace out Girl Scout!


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