Kentucky Group – Wednesday!

Well day 4 at the Mole, woke up to more dog fights haha (: and a rooster, whom we have dubbed Sir Nugget!

After breakfast we went to the orphanage…after sunscreaning and bug spraying up! And the kids just flocked to us! They remembered us from yesterday and just were on us, the sweetest thing!

Then we blew bubbles ’till we were light-headed, and they loved every minute of it! Warmed my little heart(: We went inside and had the kids sit in a circle, I swear I’ve never said  ‘chita’ (sit down) that many times in my life! They were rowdy!

But once we had them passing the ball around they were good. Then we had them walk on a straight line after lining up, but not all of them did. The rest were still sitting…and I use the word sitting lightly. Again it was ‘Chita! Chita!’ but they had lost interest.

While the kiddos were playing five girls were sitting on the table singing “Jesus Loves me” in English and it warmed my heart. It made me see how God is working here, in more ways than one.

After we left and had lunch we went hut-to-hut and painted the little girls nails, and our translator helped us read stories about how Jesus loves you. We rode in the Gator, and went out to some forts, and I tell you they were ‘bel, bel ampil’ very pretty.

Something that surprised me in the forts was there were three kids hanging out in it. Two girls ages, 13 and 3, and a boy age 10. We read to them and painted nails as well. On the way back just our luck, the Gator lost the front left wheel. Lemme tell ya it was an adventure to push the Gator back. All these sweet little boys helped us push it back and like I said, a mini adventure (:

Then it was beach time!! The beach was just pure beauty, pure bliss. Just what we needed after our hot sweaty day. This included swimming and finding shells, sand-dollars, fish…oh and a STINGRAY! Amazing!! I love being here with my best friend, it just makes this more relaxing, and more fun.
Seeing God work through us and through everything we have done so far is just amazing. He had worked by having us read while we did nails, and seeing those girls at the orphanage sing. He is just an amazing God and never seizes to amazing me. Especially here in this beautiful, wonderful place that is Haiti(:

Peace! Jesus loves you!




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