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Erika Shaw is a Mole Intern! She is spending 3 months here this fall and coming back for 6 months next year! Here is a recent blog about the ministry she is leading here in the mole. Follow her blog –

Sewing Class


Hey Everyone! As I said in one of my recent posts, the sewing class here in The Mole has FINALLY started! I’ve been going through all my supplies and I’ve been attempting to get everything organized. While going through everything, I realized how little we have of some things.

One of the most limited items we have, and the most important supply, is fabric. I am able to buy cotton in the market that is about an hour and a half away from The Mole, but there isn’t much of a fabric selection beyond that. Most of the cotton they sell isn’t printed either, it’s all solid colors.

What we here at the mission really want –  is for this class to continue even after I leave. I know this class has the potential to continue, but the class needs some help if it is going to keep going.

I am including in this post a pretty good supply list. The biggest issue we have is fabric. I need a minimum of 2 yards per person per month, and there are 20 people in the class. If we bought the fabric here it would cost $250 per month. You can also buy fabric in the U.S. and I will get it down here.

If you feel led to donate supplies or even help out the class financially (fabric is the biggest cost), you can contact myself ( or Jody Castillo (

Thank you all so much for your support and prayer!

Needed Supplies

-We need fabric more than anything! All types can be used


-straight pins

-pin cushions

-12” rulers

-60” tape measures

-safety pins

-seam rippers

-shuttle bobbins


-chalk and tracing materials

-machine needles size 90/14




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  1. You rock girl! Keep up the hard work and communicating how we can share in your ministry. We’ll be emailing you soon to see how we can get stuff to you.

    Danny, Kim & Gabby

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