Halloween Party 2012!!

Saturday afternoon at 2pm we invited 20 children to our Mole Halloween Party! It was somewhat of a hectic time to throw a party since the hurricane had just swept through the town and there were still bouts of rain. But the invitations had already been sent and the children were excited.

We had the church committee pass out the invitations. So there were children from the streets and some that attend our children’s church.

Every child had a little white ghost or orange pumping on their face. The paint didn’t show up very well but they liked it just the same.

Then it was off to crafts.

There were 4 crafts – coloring a special canvas bag, making a mask, making a bracelet, and making a crown out of leafs!

Then it was time to eat!

We had a special rice meal prepared along with cupcakes, rice-crispy treats, fruit roll-ups & other goodies!

Then it was time for games!

We also had four special games. They could play bobbing for apples, ring toss using a witch’s hat, knocking down cans with bean bags, and throwing bean bags through the holes of a pumpkin! The children really seemed to enjoy it.

The party lasted about 2 hours and it gave them just a small break from their reality. It was heart-breaking to see them leaving with all their goodies – special masks and bracelets – knowing they were heading to wet homes with leaky roofs and muddy floors.

It didn’t really make much since to have a celebration with the current conditions. My children ran up the steps to their dry house while they trudge the mud to their huts.  That can weigh on your heart in a way that others simply can’t understand.

Mikela told me the next day that the kids were STILL talking about the party. I’m glad in the midst of chaos and darkness –  we were able to be a small light and give them something fun to talk about. Perhaps a chance to just let them be kids – in spite of their present circumstances.

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