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Hey everyone! I am now three months into my internship here in the Mole, and my time here so far has been such an incredible learning experience for me! I know God is preparing me for my future here in ways that I may not even realize for years to come!

I have been learning many of my strengths and weaknesses, and how to run things differently in the future. While I was still in planning mode for this internship, I prayed a lot for God to show me how to use my talents in order to further advance His kingdom, and to reveal to me my hidden spiritual gifts so I may use them to bring Him glory. One of my biggest strengths is my musical talent.

I have always been a very musical person. I have been playing percussion for about 8 years now, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve gotten very good at playing the Marimba. I have always found great joy through exercising my musical talents, and I believe God is going to use my musical talents to bring others to Him.

I would like to start a music class here in the Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti for the teens. As of now there isn’t much of a ministry geared towards that particular age group except for when teams come in and hold a teen conference. I am hoping to reach this age group in a way that will change the teens of this town. I hope to build good, strong relationships that allow me to disciple them while bringing them closer to Christ.

There are a few other people here that I know of  – who are also incredibly musically talented who are willing to help teach the class! The main thing keeping this class from starting now is the lack of instruments here.

We need your help so that we can reach the teens in the Mole!!

Here is a list of our instrument needs:

Marimba, Xylophone, Bells, Vibraphone – or any mallet instrument

Snare drum, Bass drum – or any variety of percussion instruments

Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophone – or any variety of brass.

Guitar, Recorder, Harmonica, Clarinet, Flute

Metronomes, Music Stands, Tuners

Note: Due to Haiti’s climate any marimba’s we might get MUST BE SYNTHETIC WOOD. The humidity would eventually ruin the bars if they were real wood. Also the synthetic wood is far more durable.


If you would like to donate an instrument please contact me – Erica Shaw e94.shaw@gmail.com

Depending on the size of the instrument  – we will have teams bring them in or ship them from the mission warehouse.

Here are some pictures below of some of the mallet instruments we were referring to and an example of a snare drum practice pad that would easily fit in a suitcase!

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