What a Tragedy…

What a Tragedy…


Last night I had the privilege of speaking at Momentum Christian Church. Over the past year they have donated hundreds and hundreds of solar lights, which have been hand-delivered hut to hut by our incredible Mole Staff. I was able to update them on the impact this ministry is making in the Mole & its surrounding communities.

When the night was over I was able to connect up with the doctor who led their medical team to Haiti this past September – Allan Imes. This is the team that stocked my clinic so that I could be open every day of the week! He has served as a great mentor to me as I begin seeing complicated health issues that are way over my head!

Here we are standing in a church – and he’s teaching me how to treat sexually transmitted diseases in children as young as 8 years old.  What I thought were rare cases coming through my clinic are becoming weekly occurrences.  – What a tragedy.

I was recently told of a lady who fought cancer for over a year and WON! She was cancer free!! Her suffering had finally ended. As she went to flush her IV port which would be taken out the next day – she pushed a blood-clot through her vein and died.  – What a tragedy.

Seconse was a gate guard in St. Louis du Nord. He was as close as a brother to me. He called my daddy – DADDY.  Many Haitians call my dad – PAPA. But he called him – Daddy.  There was a crippled boy that we reached out to – we saved his life and operated on him. We even gave him a job as a security guard. We caught him stealing and he was fired. He believed that Seconse was the one who told on him. So he successfully plotted a scheme, which ended in Seconse digging his own grave.  – What a tragedy.

When the earthquake happened in Haiti – 100’s of thousands of people perished. A lady found my number and asked me to call her friend who was trapped in the rubble. We called her because she had an American phone. Her battery was dying. We knew exactly where she was but couldn’t reach anyone who could help her. I was one of the last people to talk to her before she died.  – What a tragedy. 

Tizzie is the orphan manager in the Mole. She used to work in our special needs orphanage in St. Louis du Nord. Before we moved to the Mole I was the campus manager there. Her son Reginald came to my office looking for money for his schooling. Other teenagers watched him leave my office and later that night he was “robbed” and beaten to death. Only I didn’t give him any money that day.  – What a tragedy. 

Late last night I learned about the shooting in Connecticut. As I was driving home from GA today I couldn’t hold back the tears. I listened to my children laugh and cry and bicker and fight and laugh again! All I could do was Praise God for their noise! A noise that many other families were wishing they could hear tonight.  – What a tragedy.

I am no expert in tragedy but I have definitely lived through more than I would ever want to. Over the years I have learned to quit holding onto the “whys” and “hows” and simply cling to my Father’s neck.

Darkness and tragedies happen every single day and while all of us are holding our little ones as tight as we can right now – I can’t help but feel that God is pleading with us to start being intentional Christians. How many more stories do we have to list before we realize that we have NO TIME to waste on this earth?

While every part of my mind & heart cannot understand – – every part of the Holy Spirit that is in me – is SCREAMING…. There’s no more time to waste. I need for my followers to be intentional with those that I send in their path. I need for you to rid yourself – of self – and be so full of ME that the overflow lights up & stomps out the darkness in this imperfect world. 

It’s my prayer that I am never too busy or too distracted….. that I can’t be intentional in showing EVERY SINGLE PERSON He puts in my path – –  the hands, feet, face, & heart of Jesus.

Because the biggest tragedy of them all – is someone leaving this world and not knowing the hope that is Jesus Christ!



  1. Thank you for sharing last night, Jody, and for sharing your heart with this post. It makes so much sense. Love you, friend! Thank you for being such a faithful servant to the mighty God that we serve!!!!

  2. Jody, I can’t imagine witnessing the tragedy that you witness on such a regular basis. I know it’s all relative, and there are plenty of tragedies here in America, but the stories you share are so horrific. There is so much work to be done in Haiti. Thank you for serving there and for following God’s call. I’m blessed to be a tiny part of His and your work there. And yes, I agree with Katie – thanks for coming to Momentum last night!! It was so cool to have you there!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I really appreciate ALL that you did to make that possible! So blessed to fly into Haiti with boxes of needed items!

  3. Tragedy is all around, the most tragic thing is to know that those around you who don’t know Christ. An parish if we don’t speak up!!! Your stories are heart wrenching I know God is still at the helm and I know it’s something good will come out of all that the enemy trying to steal. Be well and may Hashem guard your hearts””Shalom

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