How Would I Know…

How Would I Know

Posted on December 30, 2012 by coachin4christ

This morning as I was getting out of bed I was reminded of a song that seems to keep my heart and mind in check . It really has put the whole year into perspective for me as I read over some of the past years blogs of my own and my mission family. Seeing God’s hand at work in the most difficult situations isn’t always easy. In fact to those who are on the outside looking in, you may see it as dramatic, crazy, difficult, impossible or unbelievable and at times even ugly. Let me just say, that while in the midst of the past year, at times it felt like all of these and  it has been very real. It has cut right to the core of my heart and to the hearts of those I love and serve with.

In this song it refers to learning to appreciate the hard times….I know what you are thinking…well many of you:>) How in the world can you appreciate the hard times? In my life I have walked through them not always knowing that the Lord was with me or even acknowledging He was with me. I’ve walked with others through them. I’ve been at the bottom of the pit only to find the only place to look is up. (PIT= person in training:>) The hard times of the past prepared me for the hard times of the present and with it came the appreciation as well as a peace and joy that could only come from Him. The bad choices I made, uncertainty, grief and anguish I went through, the times of doubt and rebellion, shame and guilt and those times I wanted to just give up….this was training ground for the future God was preparing for me. He can, will  and has made good things come from the hard times. So… if He can do this, don’t you think we should appreciate them? It’s not an easy challenge, but when you look at it with His eyes, His heart, His mind you can find that peace and joy I was speaking of.

Lord you continue to increase my faith through the hard times as well as the good times. You have never left me even in those days that seemed so very dark. You’ve  always shown your light in ways that I knew you were there. Through your Word…in a song…a surprised knock on the door…through the love and hugs of a child…in a special note…in a divine meeting…with your angels of protection…a phone call or e-mail from a friend…in a dream or vision…Lord in all of these and more you met me where I was and taught me, guided me, encouraged me and  lifted me all the while loving me to mold me into the woman of God You desire me to be. It hasn’t always been easy, but Father I do want to tell you how much I do appreciate these times….otherwise how would I know!! Lord I know the times ahead will still be hard, but I know and trust that you will continue to walk with me. Help me Lord to walk in such a way that you will be glorified and that others will see You in me. I love you Lord so very much. In Jesus precious name….Amen.

 How Would I Know 

If it wasn’t for the times that I was down
If it wasn’t for the times that I was bound
For all the times that I wondered
How I would ever make it through
All the times that I couldn’t see my way
And I had to turn to You
How would I know You could deliver
How would I know You could set free
If there had never been a battle
How would I know the victory
How would I know You could be faithful
To meet all of my needs
Lord I appreciate the hard times
Otherwise how would I know

I remember all the times I had to cry
And at the time all I could do was wonder why
Why would a God so kind and loving
Allow me to go through all this pain
If I could see into the future
Then I would know the joy I’d gain
Repeat chorus
How would I know that you could make a way out of no way
How would I know if I never had a need
Brother I know what you’re goin’ through
Sister I know cause I’ve been in your shoes
But I can truly say that I know what God can do
Repeat chorus

Lyrics by Jackie Gouche-Ferris and Andrew Gouche…Performed by Kathy Troccoli


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