It’s A New Year….Time For Some Real Change.

We are heading into 2013 with our hearts & eyes wide open! We’ve spent the last year praying & seeking His face on how we can eradicate the injustice in the Mole.

When we try to strategize about the big picture – it’s just too overwhelming to wrap our minds around. This is what has led to our “sitting still” and “stalling”.

Having grown up in Haiti – I have 33 years of experience in this culture! There are still many things I don’t understand. There are still many things I learn every day.  BUT – the one thing I know for sure I can’t do – is nothing.

After much praying and seeking – God has placed a plan in my heart! The best way to begin change & free the next generation is…..  house-by-house…… hut-by-hut.

I might not be able to help all the abused children in the Mole – BUT –

I can help this one. And I can help that one.

I can reach out to this one. And I can reach out to that one.

I can educate this one. And I can educate that one.

I can help this desperate mother provide for her family.  And I can help that one.

I can counsel this father who wants to change. And I can counsel that one.

The answer that has been hindering us is really quite simple. We just need to reach out to the ones that God puts directly in our path.

This January we will begin reaching out to those living in unthinkable situations. We have learned the value of donkeys in the Mole & its surrounding communities. Donkeys can be rented out each day to haul water, food, charcoal, or other supplies. The average family walks 2 hours each day just to get water.

This January we will have enough funds to purchase 20 donkeys!! This means desperate mothers will have an alternative way to provide for their families.  These will not be simple handouts. We will be drawing up contracts – which will require those that receive these donkeys to come to our Monday Women’s Bible Study. Among other things – I will also require that their daughters (some who’ve been forced to do unthinkable things) – be apart of a small group for counseling & support.

With God’s wisdom we will work together with these 20 families to bring them to a healthy place –  physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.

Now comes the hard part….. choosing just 20 women.

Please be in prayer for us this spring! I’m talking about SERIOUS prayers! I’m talking about on your knees circling the Mole in prayer! Pray for God to make this decision crystal clear. Pray for wisdom & discernment.  Pray for peace & boldness. Pray that God sends a downpour of love, blessings, & healings for these families. Pray that real change happens in Mole St Nicholas!



  1. I am so excited to be coming again this summer! I so want to reach out to one, and another, and another! Can’t wait!

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