When the disciples first witnessed the empty tomb, the angel told the disciples, “Behold , He is going before you to Galilee; there you will see Him.”  This day has allowed us as a team to re-live this promise afresh.  Jesus has surely gone before us here, and behold, we have seen Him and His work.

As many of you are aware the church in the Mole has experienced a great deal of turmoil, attack, and have been without a pastor for several months.  But today, after a morning full of meetings and prayer, I had the privilege of meeting this afternoon with 7 of the church’s leaders, along with the new prospective pastor, and the leader of pastors in the Northwest zone. The people’s hearts could not have been more prepared.  They claimed that they had been praying for months for God to provide them a new shepherd, but they also had witnessed a great strengthening in their own unity and perseverance.

They are glad to continue praying that God affirm His will to call Pastor Ajenor to the Mole Church.  One leader even said that today Satan has experienced a great defeat, though he thought he had the victory.  I could not agree more.  Please pray that the message in the morning on “What is the Church” will instruct and encourage the people, and that our meetings on Monday and Tuesday afternoon will continue to unify the church in her direction and with her new leader.  I will also be meeting with the NWHCM staff in the next several days to help encourage, heal, and move ahead.

On Thursday, I will travel to St. Louis to visit that campus and the Bible College.  And despite my efforts to convince him I should take the bus back to PAP, Jose booked another terrifying flight for me on Tortuga air from Port-au-Paix 🙂

Randi, David, Parker, Abigail, and Ashton, I miss and love you all so much and can’t wait to see you again. PV family, thank you for your support of me on this critical mission for the Mole church.

Tim Overby

PS – The construction guys have broken or wore out every generator they’ve touched, but before that, they strung up lights, did some welding on gates, and starting building some furniture.  They are all doing great with building relationships with the Haitian builders.  All of them who do not have their wives with them on the trip say that they miss their wives greatly.  Tomorrow’s lesson for the construction guys will be “What is a blog” 🙂


  1. Been praying 4 your church service since I first hit the snooze button this morning! I’m now wide awake, still praying 🙂 Praying that God’s word to the people today falls upon good soil and takes root…praying that the people would hear the message of hope and encouragement that is illustrated when we are being the church together as God designed. Praying for the new pastor this morning and praising God for his timing and his plan…always perfect. I know God has anointed you, Tim, and we’re grateful that you have been obedient to Him in traveling to the Mole and sharing your leadership and wisdom with the beautiful people of Haiti. I’m believing that transformation is going to take place in many hearts in the coming days, months, and years.
    I’m guessing Cliff & team have amazed everyone with their marvelous feats of construction and engineering…praying for their strength & health as they continue to knock out that “to do” list!
    Jennifer and Blake: Hope you are loving the beautiful Haitian landscape and marveling at God’s creation…so glad you all get to experience this together…priceless!! Blake, if your hair is long enough, you should really consider letting the girls give you corn rows! just use sunscreen if they do 😉
    Gayla…grateful for your heart for the precious people of the Mole…praying for you to have a rich experience this week and look forward to your feedback from being “on the ground” as we prepare two groups of amazing students for spring break trips!
    Betty…I know you are loving on Rosie & company! and the orphans…and the team…may God grant you rest, strength, & good health as you do your thing: support and encourage others! You’re a treasure!!!!!!
    Love you all & lifting you in prayer constantly…Marla

  2. hi mom. i miss you. oh yea, i love Blakes sheets and pillow and i will be sleeping in his bed tonight. i miss you guys and hope you guys have a good time. we have been praying for the whole team. me and paige made a surprise for u for when you get back. love Janie

  3. Can’t wait to see more pics with the next post. God is working in amazing ways through you all. Be encouraged, Team! Blake, Jennifer, Allen – we really miss you. We are praying for you and the whole team. God will accomplish so much through you this week. He already has. It’s a balmy, muggy, 16 degrees in Kansas City right now – no mosquitos. We love you. Mike and Janie Wilson.

  4. Praying for God to give you renewed strength for the days ahead. So proud of all of you and the amazing work you are doing. Sarah – I better see you riding a donkey before you come home!

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