PVBC New Year Team – Day 3

Hi it’s Blake !

I’m blogging tonight with my mom. We are having fun today. We had church. It was a fun. Tim did a good job preaching.

After that we went back to camp and went to the beach with 10 orphans. They had so much fun. We did that for a while then came back to camp and talked to each other. When we were dropping off the orphans it was crazy. They were giving them rice but they were giving the orphans like 2 pounds of rice and beans and chicken and onion.

Last night we had a movie night for the kids in the mole.  We played Madagascar and gave them popcorn and twizzlers. They were having a blast. They were jumping up and dancing to the movie and laughing like crazy.

This is Jennifer, The orphans are such wonderful children.  God is amazing in how He has cared for them and the people. He has taken care of them.  Being at the Mole has been an eye-opening experience.  God is really working to show me how Jesus is enough in all things.  The team has been doing well and what amazing people to spend the week with.

Blogging with Chris. It was an interesting day. My first experience at a Haitian church service. The language was foreign to my ears but the message was clear. God was being praised (and praised and praised). The singing was indeed a joyful noise unto the Lord. While we may be separated by language, we are united in our love for Christ.

I will note that I was really glad to hear Tim preach – we should appreciate him more now than ever. He has done a great job working with the leadership of the church here at The Mole.

After lunch, we hit the beach. 10 of the orphans were able to go with us. Markendy latched on to my hand and did not let go. He and I waded in the ocean and then he wanted me to sit down. He plopped down on my lap and we played in the sand and let the water wash over us. He was so content just sitting there and being held. It was indeed a blessing (to me).


On a side note I just wanted to let you all know that Tim did an AMAZING job today preaching about “What is the Church?” I could not have dreamed of a better day than what God had already prepared for us. Having the head of the mission pastors, our new pastor, & pastor Tim – it was the 3 Godly Amigos! You could truly feel a change in the spirit of the church. There was such joy – such peace – our hearts were rejoicing! ONLY GOD could have orchestrated this transition for our church & I really believe we are finally going to heal & move forward.  We have 2 church meetings over the next 2 days. Please continue to pray for this process!- Jody


  1. hi mom. hi blake. hi grandpa. i love you and miss you. hope you had a great day today. loved the pics. love janie

  2. Wow!! What a blessing to see my fellow brothers and sisters engaged in being Christ to the world!! My heart is overjoyed!!

    Every minute that you’re there matters. Every encounter, God knew about before the foundations of time. I know that God is working in and through all of you. You have no idea how much it blesses me to see all of you there…sweating :). Thank you for your servant’s heart. You are great in God’s kingdom!!

  3. Blake & Jennifer: Great to hear from you! Can’t wait to hear the stories when you return. It’s difficult to imagine the experiences you’ve already encountered. Obviously those will last a lifetime. Mike, Janie and Paige ate lunch with us yesterday. We prayed for you and others at the camp. We anxiously await the postings and pictures each day. Stay well as you continue your work through our Lord. Have another blessed day. Love ya! MaMa (Jane)

  4. We are praying for you, and we are excited to hear more about the work He is doing through you. We love the pictures. Northland Christian – 3rd grade.

  5. It is great to here the influence the group is having. Pastor Tim, you are an amazing person and leader. You have had a great influence on our lives and it sounds like you are doing the same in Haiti. Your words bring such good at the right time. We are praying for you and the group. Keep up the good work and continue being strong.

    Jason and Christa Tyler

  6. Betty,
    You are looking good back in Haiti! I’m so glad you made it back there with your Husband. You were such a huge influence on the women there last time and I’m sure you are leaving your mark again. We are praying for you.

    Jason and Christa Tyler

  7. What a blessing to hear from Jen and Blake today! We are so proud of all of you but especially of the Jones/Wilson sector of the team. 3 generations serving Christ in such a powerful way. To God be the glory! Can’t wait to have you back at Northland Christian testifying of God’s goodness to these people. We are praying Ephesians 3:20 for all of you.

  8. Sweetheart – Just want to say how much I miss you and how thanful I am for your obedience and willingness to go when asked, even if it was not the easy thing to do! I will continue to pray for God to give you wisdom to see what He needs for you to see, to ask questions like only you can, and to be open to wherever he is moving. I love you so much 🙂

    On a side note, you CLEARLY have a short memory span if you think a bus ride is ever a better option for you!! You need to stop by the old hotel and see if the piece of you that was left behind the building is still there – you were sick for a whole extra day! Maybe then the plane ride won’t seem so bad!! Haha 🙂

    Love you,

  9. Hey dad I don’t have much to say its been a boring week but lucky you got some warm weather…I have to take out the dog in 20 degrees at like 11. But we all miss you. And mom said she was cooking teriyaki meatballs and I wish you were here to say that you are a teriyaki meatball…looking foward to you coming home love you

  10. Hi daddy!!!!! i love you and miss you so much. i can’t wait till you get home. parker even slept with the picture of you and her. lewis loves you too,and i can tell!!!! Love you sooooo much and see you soon.

  11. daddy,
    i love you, and miss you like crazy! i can’ t wait for you to get back 🙂 im having a great week. i hope you are too!! i will be praying for you. by the way take the plane.

  12. It is amazing to see the pictures and hear the testimony of the work being done in the Mole. It is encouraging to see how God’s people are obedient in sharing Christ’s love through, building, sharing skills, and training new pastoral leadership. Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone in order to participate in God’s plan. Hi to Jennifer, Blake, Allan, Pastor Tim, and Gayla. P.S. the low tonight in Kansas City is going to be 12 degrees.

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