Today ten young students attended kindergarten in a fully equipped, well supplied, beautiful classroom. The pictures tell the whole story! The children’s eyes shown with delight and awe; one little boy said, “No touching.” But touching is allowed because this is his school; it belongs to the children.

Pastor Agenord came to pray for the school, the children, and their teacher, a young man named Kenson. The morning was filled with lessons and activities about the date, the number one, the color red, the circle, and a bible reading from a Kreyol translation of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Kenson is a terrific teacher, filled with energy and passion; he has a wonderful rapport with the children, and he has been so excited about the new school. The desks and benches were finished this afternoon, so tomorrow the children will be surprised by seeing them tomorrow.

To God Be the Glory.

(Sandra Bath)

Today I also got the pleasure of seeing the orphans attend kindergarten for the first time at the Orphanage.  When they walked in they were so excited about the classroom.  One little girl told me it was so beautiful.  The boy next to her told me it was so wonderful that they should not touch anything.  We told them that it was all for them and it was for them to touch when Kenson told them to use it.

I was overwhelmed at that moment with emotion. God is so good and those orphans are such good children. They sat for hours listening and learning today instructed by their amazing teacher Kenson.  As I sat watching them clap and cheer for  each other when they answered correctly  – I was just so filled with joy for them.  What an amazing place the orphanage is for these children  – that they will be instructed and filled with love at the school.  They used dry erase boards and tried so hard to make every letter – they enjoyed erasing and working like joyful students.

I realized how we take for granted school in the states and how our children have no idea what a privilege it is to attend school. I got to see God at work today in these children and the hands and feet of Jesus in the many people who have given prayer, supplies, and hard labor to make the school happen.  God Is Good and Jesus is always enough.

(Jennifer Wilson)   


  1. This is just amazing! I’m so glad they get to go to school!

    Haylee Barros

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  2. The school is incredible. What a blessing. Reading the posts and seeing the pictures is overwhelming. Nothing is impossible with Jesus. To think of all the planning and all the work that went into that school. All of you are blessed to be a part of this very special, first day of school. Jennifer, Blake, Allen – we love you and miss you. We are praying for your continued success in bearing fruit for His glory. Mike and Janie Wilson

  3. Seeing the first day of school was overwhelming and very emotional. I know how hard everyone has worked to make this dream a reality. Jennifer, Allen and Blake, I miss you and love you very much…Congratulations to all on the success of your school….prayers and love from Atlanta…Aunt Maggie

  4. hi mom i love you i love the pictures of the school. you guys have done incredible things. everybody at school has been praying for you. love, janie

  5. God,s plan is incredible. How perfectly He put everyone in place along with every book and crayon. So proud of my big sister.

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