Today was an eventful day of ministry for the women. We started the morning with some of us leading a Bible study about Eve with a group of local church ladies taking them deeper in the word and trying to answer some tough spiritual questions they had while others helped get the preschool set up for the orphans.

In the afternoon, a couple of ladies taught an embroidery class to help some of the local ladies learn a trade to earn money for their families and the rest of us took a boat ride over to a fishing village called Preskul where PV has been frequently.  We led part 1 (being a Godly Woman) of a 3 part study (Godly Mom, Godly Wife still to come) by using the example of Abigail in I Sam. 25.

The ladies used puffy paint to decorate canvas bags which was a huge  hit and the guys in the village actively expressed their jealousy about not getting to do a craft too!  In between planned activities, we had moments to play with some local kids expressing the love of Jesus and a bit of time to paint some ladies’ fingernails speaking Jesus over them.  Tomorrow should be more of the same, so please continue to lift us up as you think of us.

This afternoon, we had 10 ladies for embroidery class. They are so talented and creative. Most of the ladies just took off with very little instruction. They learned all five stitches and were working on a project. They are embroidering a tea-cup design to go with the message from the morning bible study. They will also work on a bookmark to sell at market. What a wonderful bunch of loving and caring ladies. They were laughing and sharing with all of us. I just grow to love them more everyday.


Hi Bean Group and friends, Vern has been building desks but more importantly great relationships with some wonderful Haitian men working alongside him.  Babies are being loved on and they are teaching us unconditional love.  I cannot tell u what it means to serve alongside my husband and Christ doing His work. Time is going very fast…so much to do yet.  Appreciate your prayers.
Vernon and Betty


Sandra has gotten the preschool class ready! Tomorrow will be the first official day for the orphans in their new classroom!


  1. Great work team! You are doing amazing work. It’s great to see God working through each of you this week as you build relationships, share the Gospel, and serve in His name. We are praying for you all. Blake, Allen, Jennifer — we miss you and love you. We are so proud of you. With all our love — Mike and Janie Wilson.
    P.S. — Blake — you are the first person we’ve ever had in Haiti wearing Wilson Group gear. Jeff is proud!!

  2. Chris and Debbie – I just got a text from your daughter. You are grandparents! Abigail Leigh Young was born at 7:35 pm tonight 7.8lbs and 19″. CONGATS!
    Keep up the amazing work team. We are praying for all of you!

  3. Blake, Jennifer, Allen: It’s great to see another day of work and prayer behind you. You are all missed! It’s always to the computer 1st thing each morning to see the updates. We pray for all team members and can see from pics how you’ve touched the people there. Continue the good work and God’s speed home. Obviously, you’re missed. Blake: Buying the goods for gluten free cinnamon rolls. They will be on your doorstep when you arrive home. Love ya, MaMa (Jane)

  4. hi mom, blake, and grandpa. i hope the people in haiti love what you guys are doing. praying for you and miss you. have a great day. kids at school loved the pictures of you and the orphans blake. love janie

  5. It’s so exciting to hear about the work you are doing and how God is working in and through you in the Mole. If you happen to see a little village boy named Rowlins, tell him zomie Renee’ says hi. I’m sure he won’t remember me, but I continue to pray for him and his friend Alberto as well as the little water girl we came upon on the road when we were there is September. Those kids really tug at my heart. Thank you for being there, for continuing to lift up God’s name, and supporting Jody, Jose and the rest of the mission staff in bringing God to life in the Mole. Enjoy the rest of your stay! Blessing to each one of you. – Renee’ Holmes

  6. Love to see the pictures and read the stories. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you health, endurance, rest and joy as you finish the work God has given you with the precious Haitian people. Blessings you all!

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