Waves Hit The Mole…

“Waves” Hit the Mole…(don’t be alarmed:>)

Posted on February 14, 2013 by coachin4christ

This past week we had the blessing of having Papa Larry (Jody’s Dad) come with close to 60 youth that he and his wife minister to in Port de Paix with their missionWaves of Mercy. For the youth this was a reward given to them for learning the books of the Bible as well as a character traits of God in each book. Those who attended each week and worked hard had the opportunity to come on this week long retreat. Papa told me their were those that tried to wait to the last minute, but he told them up front what was expected of them. Hard lesson to learn for some, but he encourages them to continue to work hard and is always praying for them…that God’s Word transforms their hearts and minds.

It was good to have this group here for our own church. They had the opportunity to prepare the mission grounds and show our guests the gift of hospitality.To make them feel welcomed in a place many have probably never been before.  A few days before they arrived our folks swept and cleaned our cafeteria so they would have a place to eat and hold their meetings. They also prepared our school classrooms, sweeping them out and putting tents up so they would have places to sleep. God’s Word in action….Love It!!!

Sunday morning their youth and leadership led our worship. It was my prayer that our church family would be welcoming to our guests and that they would be an example as well as an encouragement, not only to our youth, but to the community. I have to say that this was probably the longest worship service we have had since we have been at the Mole. Now I am not saying I didn’t love it, but, for me anyway, 3hours went by quickly. I was afraid that our own congregation would start drifting or fall asleep, but as I looked around a packed tent most everyone was very attentive and when God’s Word was brought to us you heard the Amen’s coming from everyone. You felt the presence of the Lord filling the tent. What a blessing and answer to prayer!!

Well the week would not have been complete without a game of soccer. We gathered our guys from the Mole and  Wof M fielded a team and out to the soccer field they went for the whole community to watch. Being Mardi Gras week there were our fun chicken looking, scary mask monsters who circled the field and I think kept them in a place for a while so they weren’t bullying quite as much! Malaya filled me in on some of the happenings since she went with Jose and Papa to the game. Papa was trying to teach the kids (Castillo kiddo’s) not to fear the Mardi Gras. For Malaya this was a big deal even being out and about with them running around since she is one who struggles the most with fear…even of spaghetti, now that is for a different time, then again maybe not :>} She really “stepped out of the boat” and even had her picture taken with some of the Mardi gras. She also told me Papa razzed the other team in fun by shaking his bahootie at them…this when they were winning. Well I am thinking that move cost them as the Mole team won 5-3. I had to laugh:>)

The leadership kept these kids pretty busy with the beach, volleyball and the soccer game. On Monday they met in the cafeteria for seminars and worship in the morning and afternoon. The kids and I went Monday morning to play with the kids in the orphanage and stopped by briefly to say hi to Papa. I loved watching him talk to the kids. Grandpa and his  grankids…such a sweet moment.

The privilege of coming alongside Waves of Mercy this week to host them, play with them and worship with them is such a awesome picture of how the Body of Christ should be. Helping and serving one another out of the love we have for Jesus Christ. I think this week we grew a little more closer to understanding this and walking in this way. Pray for Waves of Mercy and the youth that they reach with the love of Christ. Pray for our youth as that they would hunger for the Bread of Life and thirst for the Living Water.

And Papa the kids all missed saying “see ya soon” to you. They love you very much. Nana…they missed you greatly too, but they say thank you for being with Mom while she is getting better. They hope to see you soon!!!

Thanks Nana and Papa for your example and for serving the people of Haiti the way you do!! ~Miss Beth

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