February Group Day 3…

What an incredibly prosperous day!

One group left this morning to survey the property to find the perfect spot for permanent housing for Jody &  Jose’s family, and Beth.  These devoted missionaries desperately need a home.  Please pray that their needs will be met.

Kathie once again spent her day pouring in to the Hatian women in the kitchen.  This is Kathie’s 22nd trip to Haiti.  Each visit she works tirelessly educating the women in the kitchen and the orphanage about nutrition, meal preparation, maintaining a clean workspace, and above all encouraging them in Christ.  Her service is always appreciated, as she blesses the Haitians and Americans alike.  We get to eat the yummy fruits of her labor!

Another group spent the day teaching two sewing classes and helping with the Haitian women’s bible study.  The women were soooooo excited to see Erica back in Haiti.  The women spent three hours perfecting the basics.  We found some hymns that both Americans and Haitians could sing together.  It was so beautiful to hear Amazing Grace in both languages as the women sewed.  The Haitians sing REALLY LOUD.  So they were able to minister to the passers by on the street with their powerful worship music.  People were stopping and staring in the windows.

The women told us they were excited to learn to sew so that they could learn a new skill, and hopefully clothe their families.  They also hoped to be able to make items to sell at the market to earn money to help feed their families.  It is a really important ministry, and Erica is investing the next six months of her life to see to it that these women meet their goals.  We told the women that whenever they were having fun to say “Yee-haw”.  (Like a cowboy.)  They laughed and laughed and thought it was so funny.  Throughout the class they would randomly scream out “EEE-AWWWW” (Like a donkey.)  Then, the Americans would laugh and laugh.  Ahh, translating — what a tricky business.  In the end, we laughed, sang, sewed, and prayed together.  What a thrill to be a part of something so profitable for these women . . . and us.

The Haitian women hold a bible study every Monday.  They are very interested in digging deeper into God’s Word.  During the sewing class, some of them asked us to pray for them to grow in their understanding of God.  They are hungry for it.  We did a special craft during the women’s bible study with the purpose of reminding them to use their giftings to unite themselves as a community and to grow the church.  The women made bracelets that were braided together with various fabrics representing their unique giftings.  When they got to a part in the message they liked, one they would scream “EEE-AAAWWW!!”  What a hoot!  Mama Gigi did a beautiful job at the end of the bible study reminding them to pray to God, live like Jesus, and to use their gifts to grow the church.

Continue to pray for these amazing people, and for Jody’s quick recovery and return to Haiti.  We’re praying for you Jody!


I thought I had put much time in prayer before this trip. After being ill last week I wasn’t sure I would be able to come. After several medicines and prayers I continued my journey, After two night of practically no sleep and still feelng not so great. Last night about 1 AM I began to wonder if I had made a poor choice coming here. I lay there wanting to be home .  The next morning after 4 and half hour sleep I felt a little better. We continued on with the days activities. We went to the school to help Erica with the sewing center, The ladies were so welcoming and cheerful,they drew me in. Just observing for a few minues my eyes filled with tears, these wonderful women had touched my heart at that moment and I began to sob. I knew at that moment I was meant to be there.  The ladies were concerned why I was crying . We explained they were happy tears. The morning continued with laughter,fun, singing and some sewing. I am sure I made the right decision and I am right where God wants me to be. Praise God for leading me here to Haiti on this amazing journey!!!

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