February Group – Day 5…

Day 5 Mole St. NIcholas…The day started so well!  We went to the school this morning for the sewing class and it was so productive!  Many of the women started their first projects, making an apron!  The plan is for them to make aprons for the kitchen staff and embroider them with the NWHCM initials.  We wanted to impress upon them to give their first fruits back to God.  One of the best moments of the trip so far was seeing Divedonde, an older woman in the class who was having trouble sewing a straight line.  We had her hem over and over but her stitching was not good.  Finally I asked her if she could see well…Deb brought two extra pair of glasses so I got a pair and she put them on.  Oh, if you could have seen her face!  She smiled so big and started praising Jesus!  She couldn’t see to sew!  She sewed a straight line after that!  It was the most touching thing you could have seen!
Deb and Liz were the organization queens this afternoon! I was under the weather (sunburn, dehydration and upset tummy) so they went to the class without me.  They got all of Erica’s supplies unpacked, Nene (carpenter) put up shelves and they got them stocked.  I was so sad to miss it, they saw the biggest spider in Haiti today in the classroom!  I would have loved to get a picture!
Dinner was a feast tonight…Kathy Perkinson has been training the Kitchen staff and today they made mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef she brought in, and Lisa and Janet taught them cooked cabbage!  Fabulous!  We finished our day by planning for the class, this group is so wonderful working together and supporting one another!  We are so blessed!!  Thank you for the comments and encouragement!  We love hearing them after dinner! Boys, I am trusting that you haven’t burned down the house…I would love to know all is well at home!  Love you!!  Kim
Was a little warm today in the 80s. Got a lot of work done today got the sewing room in pretty good shape. The ladies are so focused and eager to learn. They just touch your heart and make me smile. I am so privileged to be here. When we left the class today all the women hugged us!  We are building long-lasting relationships and earning their affection more each day!  Construction is going on here, they are building streets and paving the roads, this small community is changing. Hello everyone at Parkside keep us in your prayers that we may continue God’s work here in Haiti.  Deb
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  1. Kim and Deb, We missed you at Ladies Bible Study (and lunch afterward) but we did pray for all of you today. I’m glad the trip is gong so well. Erica, I know you must be thrilled to have shelves for the sewing supplies:) I look forward to seeing some pictures of a finished apron or two. It sounds like you are all eating pretty well. I think I want to coordinate my next trip to coincide with when Kathy Perkinson is going to be there!

  2. You are all inspirational and missed here. I loved hearing about the reading glasses Deb was able to give to the woman having a hard time sewing. We take being abel to have glasses and they just struggle along never knowing the pleasure of seeing well. Good to know that Erika is getting settle in and her students are actually producing something with what they are learning. You all give Erika and extra hug from me when you leave at the end of the week. I love technology that lets is share in your mission. hugs to all Sally

  3. you are an inspiration and Kim and Deb, we missed you today. Heard about Deb being able to give the woman having trouble seeing a pair of reading glasses. How we take think gs like that for granted and the glasses literally opened a new view on the world. Good to hear that Erika’s students are actually seeing results of there projects. I bet they are loving it. Kim, Deb, Karla and Gail, please give Erika extra hugs from me when you head back to Cincy. Hugs to all, Sally

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