Amazing Day Of Ministry!


Another busy day.  Today began with two different objectives.  One group went to continue the digging, and one went to do a project with the orphans.

The hole is getting deeper (about 6 feet) for the bathrooms/showers for the orphanage mamas, but we still have double the depth to go.  Progress is slow without modern machinery and the ground is FULL of rocks.  Each rock is thrown out over the hole by hand.  Truly, a labor of love.  The temperature reached 92 degrees today!  NeNe served us all by sending a Haitian to climb up a coconut tree and throw down coconuts for everyone.  NeNe opened them with his machete and passed them around.  What a fine way to experience the culture — fresh coconut milk!

The second group met with each orphan to trace their feet so that their sponsors will know their shoe size.  They are growing all the time, so always needing shoes.  Not all the orphans are sponsored, so as you see pictures of these 31 tiny souls, please pray over them and the mamas that care for them.

We are always out and about during the day working on various projects on different schedules.  A rare window of opportunity opened up today when our entire group was able to walk together down to the mission property with a specific unified purpose.  Prayer.

We stood in the proposed spot where Jody and Jose’s home will one day stand.  Today we gathered around overgrown weeds, brush, and tree stumps.  We circled up and held hands.  It was an emotional plea.  Together, we prayed that God would show up.  That He would orchestrate things in a supernatural way.  We prayed that the financing, the construction, and other details would align in HIS perfect timing.  Tears dropped on the soil, and we felt His presence.  Kingdom work is happening here, but we cannot support the Haitians well, if the missionaries are not supported well.  They are the link that allows us to reach these people.  Please pray about helping Jody and Jose meet their financial needs for their home.

This afternoon, Kim taught the Haitian women to crochet.  Fourteen eager ladies showed up.  Most had never touched a crochet needle.  With Madam NeNe’s help, they made great progress.  It is so rewarding to watch them learn new skills.  But that isn’t all they are learning.

In every activity, the character of Christ is reinforced.  They are encouraged, and they say so.  When something doesn’t come easily for them, they don’t get frustrated and quit.  They are so acclimated to difficulties that they just keep trying.  They are some of the toughest people I’ve ever seen.  Another side benefit is that we have FUN!  They laugh and laugh.  They’re still randomly shouting “EEEE-AAAWWW!!” when they get excited.  What a gift to connect with them.

Thinking of all our friends and family at home — hoping you are all well.

P.S.  To Kim’s friends that traveled to Haiti on the last trip — we found Bowa!!  He’s still adorable!


  1. Cannot see that any of my past comments got through. Fantastic to see that the PCC team at the Mole are doing well. Thank you all for showing the love of Christ to GOD’s people at the Mole. Love to Deb, I miss you but know you are where you are supposed to be.

    1. They are going through. You are commenting on pictures instead of the post in general so it’s harder to find the comments but I know they are being read each night.

  2. Man!! I wish I could have been in that prayer circle!! Know that we’re praying for you here in Kansas City!!

  3. Nothing more precious than a group of people feeling the strong presence of God. Praying w/ you from Dallas. Miss you, Chuck

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