Texas Tech – Day 1 and 2…

Day 1:

By Victoria Holloway

On Sunday at about 11 a.m., we left the Port Au Prince airport on a bus headed to The Mole. The first part was paved, but the next was like a dirt road, and most of the ride was in a rocky river bed. Along the road side, as we traveled on

the bus, there were woman carrying bowls on their heads, goats, dogs, skinny cows, and Haitians going about their business, stopping to stare at the bus as it went by.

The 11 hour bus ride was a wild one – plenty of bumpiness, scrapping, and rocking around. At 8:30 p.m. we broke down at the bottom of a hill next to a house. We got out of the bus and enjoyed the cool night with a sky full of piercing stars against a pitch black sky. The Haitians played reggae music as we swayed and danced under the stars.

After two hours, the bus was fixed and we were back on the road toward The Mole. We arrived at The Mole around midnight and ate dinner, which was our

first actual meal in at least a day – it was wonderful.

Day 2:

By Victoria Holloway and Joshua Aguas

(Victoria Holloway) We ate breakfast at 9 a.m. then my group headed out in the village for vacation bible school with the Haitian children. Another group went to do construction on the clinic, and the remaining group preached the gospel from hut to hut in the village.

The children were just as beautiful as the teal and deep blue water along the coastline with the green palm trees. I told the children about the story of Noah and the Ark then we colored, blew bubbles, and played games with them.

At 1 p.m. we had lunch then headed over to a large tent with wooden benches where Josh and I spoke on the gospel to Haitian teens and twenty-year-olds.

(Joshua Aguas)

God is good. That’s really all that matters! Please continue to pray for God to get His will done. There were only a few Haitian locals that showed up, but God did so much work with who were there! During our small groups, the interpreters asked a ton of questions about the local church and what it means to be saved.

Continue to pray for God to build strong relationships within our team and the Haitian community. God is already opening doors for his Gospel to be shared- we’ll be going to a small village tomorrow to do hut-to-hut evangelism! I couldn’t

be more excited. Please join us in prayer for hearts to be open and for spiritual warfare become a reality in our life. May God get His glory by showing His power when He shatters the voodoo culture that floods through Haiti.


Please feel free to leave comments. They will be read at night. We were having trouble uploading pictures. Sorry there are only a few pics.


  1. Howdy y’all! I’m glad to hear that all of you guys made it safe and sound. I’m praying for y’all often and that The Lord will be magnified through y’all’s obidience. As this week starts, don’t be afraid to fall in love with the country and the people. Give a smile when words don’t work and hug those babies for me. If y’all see Kenson the translator walking around, tell that crazy kid that his BFF says whadup! Love y’all! #poundourgodreigns

  2. MY PEEPS! So glad that you guys made it safely to the Mole. I’m praying that God will wreck shop in the spiritual aspect and will protect and equip each and every one of you as you do your evangelism and as you preach the gospel to the community in Haiti. You guys are doing great things. Much love and tons of prayers going up for you guys.

    ps- shout out to my beautiful baby boo amanda morrison. 🙂 i love you sweetgirl.

    1. GO HARD (for Jesus) OR GO HOME! Well you can’t go home until next week. You’re stuck in Haiti for the rest of the week. jk. Don’t think of it as being stuck in Haiti for
      Spring Break think of it as being FREE in Haiti for Spring Break! I just want to encourage you guys with two verses. The first on is from Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going. The second is from Colossians 3:23. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers! God bless.

      Ps. Josh, ESV is where it’s at! Thanks man! Do work! Wreck shop!

  3. I’m glad to hear that everyone made it safely (and survived the bus ride)! I’ve been patiently waiting for a blog post to hear how everything is going. Can’t wait to continue hearing how the Lord is working in all of your hearts and the hearts of the Haitians you get to know. Prayers unceasing for everyone and a special shout out to my girl Mere!

  4. Glad to hear you made it safely. Praying God uses you in a mighty way this week. Pour out Gods love on the Haitian people. Let God be your guide.Kathryn enjoy every moment and hug those babies for me.mum

  5. Hey people!! Glad to see y’all made it safe and sounds!!! Y’all have been very heavy on my heart all week and will continue to be! Missin the gorgeous faces of those babies! Hold them tight as long as you can!! I dont know how you couldn’t fall in love with that place! Also anyone that went last year if you see any of our translators tell them we said HEY back from lubbock!!! Love y’all stay safe and keep up the great work and love!! Hope the bus was a joy for everyone who missed out last year! Have fun!

  6. Y’all make my heart so happy! I’m here in Edinburgh, Scotland having a blast but my my heart is there with y’all! It’s so encouraging to here about the work The Lord is doing in y’all’s hearts and there at the Mole! I pray that The Lord moves in ways y’all never though possible, and know you’ve got people all over the world praying for y’all!

    Ps. Hailey don’t got teachin all those innocent children to throw that Theta. Guns up only!

  7. The Gregory/Adams families are praying for the Texas Tech group and their service of love and witnessing to the Haitians.May God be your words and passion Ryan. We miss you but are so proud of your service for the Lord. If the Haitians are teaching you reggae, then you teach them gangman style. 🙂

    1. We pray for all of you. Your safety, and success in spreading the Gospel. May each and everyone of you bring honor and glory and blessing to God, today, this week and through out your lives. In Jesus name we pray. Hailey, your candle is burning not only for you but for all the others as well. Love, Mama Maudie and Poppa

  8. Hey guys! I’m so glad yall made it there safely!
    I just wanted to share a verse that Abbey Smith shared with me. “Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” Habakuk 1:5
    OMGoodness, God is great. My heart is so overwhemled for yall. I pray that yall know that the love yall show these people is recieved…whether it’s the seed that’s planted or the flower that’s growing in their hearts, our Mighty God is usng yall in CrAzY ways that only He knows.
    Love yall!!!

  9. Glad you made it safely! The Gardner family is praying for everyone. Emily, I know you laughed when the bus broke down, since you have been on so many trips where that has happened to you!

  10. Prayers for a new day and a new God-given opportunity! My heart is full of joy for your love in your mission and some special love for a guy named Ryan! Love to you all! Texas

  11. Yes, our God is great! We will continue to pray that the Lord will use you all
    to share the love of our Lord to many people there. The Holy Spirit will continue to work in their hearts. We are excited to see more on what the Lord will do in your ministry
    in the remaining days there. Wow! Praise the Lord! We love you Josh, Charisse and Cheryl (Baby)!

  12. God is good and He answersprayer since yall made it there safe and lives are being changed already per your blogs. Toria dont forget my fridge magnet.. you all are my heros and i am so proud of you. Love, dad / clark holloway

  13. Wonderful blog and posted pics. I can see you all are making an impact on the young Haitians lives by spreading the word of our Lord. I know you (Victoria), Haley and Josh are entertaining the kids….ahem Josh nice moves in the pic. I see Victoria’s rubbing off on you. I pray for a safe trip back and can not wait to hear your spiritual adventure with God. Love, Mom and Pam Navarrette

  14. Loved reading your blog and how God moved in your life and those you served in Haiti. Can’t wait to hear your stories face to face. Love y’all! Mrs. Downs

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