Texas Tech Day 3…

Hi friends!


I’m so pumped that I’m getting a chance to write!  I love blogging in general, so blogging about Haiti is even better!


Today was our second full day in The Mole!  My group traveled to a village about an hour and a half away called Marouge.  We did a make-shift VBS with the kids in town while another group walked around and did hut-to-hut evangelism!


As always, the kids here are just precious, but one in particular caught my eye.  My friend Ama started playing with the sweetest little boy.  We were all dancing and talking to the kids and Ama grabbed the hands of a boy who we later found out was named Junior.  He had a smile that would melt any heart and an undeniable joy radiating from his eyes.  I’m always amazed at the way God works specifically in each one of our hearts.  He knows how to romance my soul so perfectly!  The joy on the face of little Junior reminded me how good my God is!


Once we were done with our VBS activities, we had to wait on one of our passengers before we could head back to The Mole.  While we were waiting Ama and I noticed Junior’s parents standing outside their gate, so we grabbed our translator, Pierre, and started talking with them.  Through our conversation we found out that his dad was a doctor and a follower of Jesus.  He asked us to keep him, his family and his clinic in our prayers so we decided to go ahead and pray over them right then.  We got to go inside his clinic and pray for the ministry he is doing in his community!  It was super cool and definitely a divine appointment!


I could write for days, but I’ll spare you the pain! Please continue to keep us in your prayers and specifically pray for the youth conference we are having each afternoon!





  1. It brings me great joy to read about everything going on in Haiti and how God is already at work. I am covering y’all in prayer this week knowing that we serve a Mighty God! Love you guys!

    Shout out to my girl Mere, much love to ya!

  2. Oh, my gosh. I just wrote a novel and my computer wiped it out. Just wanted to say that I am always so moved and humbled when you take these trips and I log on and see the pics and the things that you all write. You are all so blessed to be called to bring the truth of God’s love to this place. Your hearts and minds will be forever changed. And they are so blessed that God has sent such open and receptive young men and women to deliver the good news. Their lives will be touched in ways inexplicable. I am praying that each day that you all are there you are able to step aside, put “self” aside more and more and allow God’s love and truth to be evident in every hand that you touch, every word you speak, every move that you make through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Love big, speak boldly and hold tight to your faith. God is going to do mighty things!!! I love you, Christopher. Kelly (Mom)

  3. Prayers are with you as you Go and Do. We look forward to the stories of how The Lord is working in you and through you. 2 verses come to mind, Jesus is telling a story in Matthew 25, in vs. 40, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” So we’re praising God for your servants’ hearts. Then 1 John 4. “Greater is HE that is in you, than the one who is in the world.”
    Keep us posted!!!

  4. Thanks for the update, sweet Meredith! My heart just overflows with happiness seeing the fun pictures! Love seeing the cute boy with the bald head, too! Praying for more open hearts for y’all to reach! Loves!! Jodie

  5. dang mere. you’re all good at blogging. you should start your own blog! something like: “reflections of your every day kind of girl….” something like that! 🙂
    I get excited every time i see a post from you guys. i’m even more excited that Ama is playing with kids…. 🙂
    keep the pics coming!! praying hard for more God appointed opportunities for you guys to be a witness to the community in haiti and for Him to show you the great things He has been doing there! I heard today was construction day so i pray for a restful nights sleep and healing where it’s needed! love you guys

    ama, you’re the best. missing you hard. i love you.

  6. This is so awesome how God keeps leading my family members to do such blessed work. I love seeing the picture of my Nephew Gerik and My brother n law Al, ya’ll make my heart smile and I am so proud to say hey that is my family. Keep up the awesome work and true acts of kindness and love and god’s word. I love ya’ll!! Susan

  7. hi texas tech group!May the Lord continue to bless your ministering!meredith, i am enjoying your mothers visit here in beaumont. we continue to pray tht God will keep all of you safe in haiti and see you safely home.may God bless! love Gramps

  8. Sweet brothers and sisters! Oh what joy fills my soul knowing that the Light of the World is shining so brightly in such a dark place through each of you! The Father has crafted a wonderful and special team to walk along-side Him this week and be His hands and feet. It blesses me knowing that love, compassion, concern, and witness are being brought to a place I love so dearly and that completely changed my life. Know y’all are being covered in prayer this week and I can’t wait to hear about the many other things the Spirit is doing!! Love you all!


  9. Hi, Tech peoples! You are on our prayers and we love reading about what you are doing in Haiti. Give our Abbey a hug from us. Gran and Pepaw Smith

  10. Sweet brothers and sisters! Oh what joy it is knowing that the Light of the World is shining so brightly in such a dark place! It blesses me to know that love, joy, compassion, and truth is being spread in a place that is so bound up by the enemy and desperately needs the freedom found only in Jesus! I can’t wait to hear how the Spirit continues to work this week in a place I love so dearly. Praying for open hearts to hear and protection over each of you this week!! Love you all!!


  11. Well I commented on my work computer earlier and it said it posted but when I looked at it on my phone It didn’t show my comment.
    Either way, mere you should get a blog for real! You’re a great blogger!! 🙂
    I’m happy to hear that y’all are showering those kids and teenagers with love. I can’t wait to read about what y’all did today. Tons of prayers going up for y’all. I pray that God would continue to Create God appointed moments for y’all to be apart of.

    Shout out to my girl amā. I love you and am missing you!

  12. BONSWA!!!!!!!
    Y’all, I’m too excited that y’all are back loving on the Haitians. And a little bit jealous, but I’m praying that out 😉 hahaha I am praying daily for your safety and purpose in Haiti this week. The thing I loved most about Haiti was the language barrier. Weird, I know. But you have to learn to hear the Lord in people’s faces and actions, hear how he’s worked in them and through them in a much different way than we’re accustomed to in the US. I am praying that he would give you each ears to hear him and open hearts to encounter him so that you may know how to better love those sweet friends of ours.

    It was my request last year and continues to be this year: If you run into Teniku, give him a Texas size hug for me. That boy has a special place in my heart!

    I love all of you, even those of you I haven’t met yet. Know that whatever stage of your spiritual walk you are in, that you are called to do the Lord’s work in Haiti this week, and that’s SOOOOO EXCITING!!!

    Hannah Adkison

  13. Greetings from the Adams, Gregorys and Sheffields in Colleyville, TX. So glad to hear about your outreach to the children and families. We love you Ryan and pray that Gods righteousness prevails through your group’s love and witness.

  14. Don’t know why my earlier comment won’t post, so here’s another blessing sent your way and will be a close copy of my original post. I have been reading about Gods righteousness prevailing over evil and I can’t help but think how powerful Gods love will be in y’all as you interact with your beautiful Haitian friends. May the spirit of the Lord shine from you everyday. We love seeing you doing Gods work with your group in the photos Ryan. Love Mom

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