It’s Just Not Okay With Me…

WOW Conference – November 1-7th
St. Louis Du Nord, HAITI

Are you tired of keeping the status quo?  Can your Spiritual Walk be described as a one-hour event on a Sunday? Do you have a secret holding you captive? Do you wish you had the boldness to minister to those who are suffering and in great need of a Savior?

This conference is a time to be broken for those who break the heart of God—namely us—and find redemption. In one week, we promise we will push you to your limit emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Sounds a little scary? Not really. Especially when it’s only through living beyond our limit and upon the strength of Christ  – that we can live the life God has called us to!

Each day of the conference, you will enjoy faith-building seminars. Each session will include times of humor, praise and worship, & uplifting messages specifically designed for our American attendees. After lunch, all our attendees will be divided into hands-on ministry teams that will be serving Haitian women in the brothels, the prisons, the streets, and hut-to-hut ministries. During the evenings, we will participate in our inspirational Haitian-led Women’s Revival. On the last day, the conference will wrap-up with a wedding extravaganza! 

Who is this conference for? This conference is for women who are craving a relationship with Christ that moves them from sitting at His feet to walking with Him in ministry and life.  

Do you need special skills to participate? You just need a heart that can be broken. 

What if this is my first mission trip? This is an experience for the beginner as well as those who have lived on the mission field all their lives…for the preacher’s wife and the unbeliever’s daughter!

If you are tired of walking under the oppression of your own hidden sin or have a desire to bring freedom to those who are trapped in theirs – this conference is for you. Every day as women we make a choice – we can either walk in celebration of what God has done or we can choose to be enslaved by the burdens we carry personally or the burdens we carry for others.

Make a bold choice today – sign up now and declare, “It’s just not ok with me!”


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