Women’s Discipleship…

I cannot wait to update you on our Women’s Discipleship Pilot Program! (Try to say that 3 times fast).

Mme Nene met weekly with the ladies this past month while we were in the states. We started with 20 women who did not know Jesus. They are very poor single mothers struggling to provide for their children.

The program is set up so that the women in our Monday’s Bible Study Group each disciple someone from the pilot program. They go to their home weekly to pray with them – and then they bring them every Tuesday to a special Bible Study designed for new believers.

As part of the incentive to keep them coming, we gave them small gifts every other week. One week we gave them each a ziplock bag full of laundry soap. Mme Nene told me that one of the ladies cried because she hasn’t been able to wash clothes for over 2 weeks. The women were praising the Lord over a little sack of soap!

I was so sad to hear that one of the ladies got into a fight with a boyfriend. He ended up BITING part of her ear off! She had to get it sewn back on. The man was taken to court and the judge wanted to put him in jail. She ended up dropping the charges because she said sometimes he gives them food. So she would rather let him continue abusing her for the sake of food for her children. This is the reality here.

So we started with 20 ladies and 18 stayed faithful to the program! This means they haven’t missed a week of Bible Study for the last two months! They even came when it rained! PRAISE THE LORD! While we were gone, Pastor Agenord and Mme Nene discipled the group! I’m happy to report that over half of the ladies are coming to church regularly! AND……. TEN LADIES HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST!!! 

Understand that 8 week ago these women had no HOPE and today they are clinging to Jesus!! Keep praying for them because satan loves nothing more than to attack new believers.

Miss Beth shared her personal testimony today with the ladies! You could tell the women were hungry to hear the Word! We played our own version of Hot Potato! I got the ladies into a circle and used a tennis ball. I told them this tennis ball is like MAGIC (which is what they use to do curses here). I told them when the music stops –  don’t be caught playing with MAGIC! The ladies were laughing and smiling! For just a moment they got to be kids… and it was so precious to see! We ended tonight with cupcakes and juice!

The women still do not know that I have donkeys to give them next week! This will allow them to provide support for their families. I’m SO thankful for God’s nudging to start this discipleship program!

Please pray without ceasing that these precious ladies will continue to seek His face and walk with Him daily.


  1. Praise God for these precious woman who are now our sisters in Christ Jesus. We are praying for each of them. Bring on the donkeys!

  2. Praise God!!! I wish I could be there to see the looks on their faces when they receive the donkeys!! What an amazing blessing!

  3. Fabulous! Lovin’ to hear in Missouri the great stories of how God is moving in a tremendous way in these ladies hearts!!

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