Donkey Day!

What a day!!!

This morning 11 ladies from our Monday Bible Study loaded the truck and went 2 hours to Marouge to purchase donkeys for our Women’s Discipleship Pilot Program. They brought the donkeys back by foot! They left at 11am and arrived in the Mole at 4pm! They walked FIVE HOURS in the heat of the day – to bring donkeys to the women they’ve been discipling! Does that give anyone else goose bumps?

Momma Gigi led the way. The women collapsed on my steps after their faith walk! I am just in awe of them. These ladies aren’t athletes.  It took sweat & broken sandals! Would you walk 5 hours on a dusty, dirty mountainous road in sandals to bring a gift to someone who doesn’t know Jesus?

If you’re looking for fresh fruit from the labor of our ministry…. there they are!  (You’ll see  a few pictures of donkeys on the path – those were taken by Momma Gigi during their walk. Look how little that path is! There is also a few pictures of the ladies sitting on the steps after their long trip! )

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get all the donkeys today. We bought all they had – but they didn’t have all we wanted! So next Tuesday we’ll have another 8 donkeys to give out! We will post another celebration at that time!

So how did it go? IT WENT GREAT!!

We started the meeting with worship and prayer time! Miss Beth shared with them what it means to put the Cross before you and the world behind you! She taught them about what it means to “follow Jesus”.

Here is a very short video of the ladies singing – I Have Decided To Follow Jesus…

After Beth spoke, I closed our meeting. I reminded them that even though they often feel alone– that Jesus is ALWAYS there. They can put their HOPE in Him. He is searching for them! He is pining for them! He longs to be there for them…if they would just reach out – He will carry them and never let them drop!

I then shared about the gift we had. The women shouted in glee! I started to list all the things they could do with the donkeys and they seemed almost shocked!! It’s like no one ever thought about renting the donkeys to Savane Mole where they have to walk hours for water. Or hauling charcoal to another village. Or bringing things from the market in Marouge and selling them here in town! You could just see the “lights come on” as I explained how these donkeys could help provide for their families!

I then had Momma Gigi stand-up and talk with the ladies. This was the most precious sight of all. When the dirty, dusty ladies who walked from Marouge stood-up and told them they had personally walked 5 hours as a service to God…the ladies receiving the donkeys began to cry. The walk itself was as big of a gift as the donkeys.

Several of the ladies said they just don’t understand. Who would do this for them? Why did God choose to bless them? They must have said THANK YOU 5 dozen times! And they meant it. You could just see HOPE twinkling in their eyes.

These ladies – both groups – just blow me away! I am so humbled that I even get to be apart of it. That God would allow me to live here in Haiti and to love on these ladies – it’s overwhelming. I never dreamed  I would love what I do this much!


  1. Absolutely outstanding! The donkeys are a great gift and sharing Jesus is an even way more precious gift to these ladies. Thank you for sharing, Jody!

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