Discipleship and Donkeys…

Discipleship and Donkeys

Posted on May 21, 2013 by coachin4christ

Back in March a group of our Ladies Ministry went out with the soul purpose to find single moms that didn’t know Jesus and  were struggling with taking care of there kids and we had found out that they were so desprate that some were sending their girls out to the beach during the weekends to make money by prostituting them…just so they could have money for food.

These moms by cultural standards have already been deemed unworthy and unexcepted. Going out to their homes and meeting these precious ladies was such a priviledge and joy. We invited them to come and meet with us each Tues. to be encouraged, loved on and to share Jesus with them.

We had 18 ladies that have come faithfully for the past couple of months and now over half of them have begun coming to church and 10 of them have accepted Jesus. From the first day I had the joy of bringing a message to them my heart longed for each lady to know the Jesus I know and love. Sharing with them who they are in Christ, Who Christ is, and Why Christ? Sharing the hope they too can have by believing in Him and placing their faith in Him alone. That He is he Way, the Truth and the Life. Watching their beautiful faces each week…looking into their eyes and seeing the pain, but also seeing a desire for Hope. A hope that is not found on sinking sand, but on the Solid Rock.

We paired each lady up with one of our Dames and each week they went to their disciplers home to encourage them and pray with them. They shared with them and blessed them in small ways not knowing that the last meeting they would recieve something special. Our ladies last week drove to Marouge, which is about an hour and half drive up the moutain to the market and they each brought back a donkey to give to their disciple. Now what I haven’t told you is that these ladies walked these donkey back down the mountain down a narrow path in the heat of the day for 5 long hours. Now these ladies were young and old, not athletic and the sandals they wore…well you could say there were quite a few flat tires. They were worn through and through. I had no idea they were doing this last Tues. until they showed up and Jody told me what they had done. I was totally overwhelmed to the point I wasn’t sure if I could give the message I had for the Discipleship group.

I gathered myself and the message I had originally planned, well it went a different direction and as I told Jody…I don’t remember all that I said accept I began with the song….I Decided to Follow Jesus. Sharing with them to put the world behind them and the cross before them. I also remember sharing the story of the wise and foolish builder and that our hope is on the Solid Rock and that we should not build on sinking sand.

Now…you might ask…Why on earth did they walk all that way pulling a donkey, knowing that this wasn’t for them. The simple and plain truth….Because these ladies love Jesus and they want these ladies to know Jesus too. They didn’t expect anything in return…they wanted to be a blessing. I believe this act of love and service spoke powerfully to these ladies as I watched some of these ladies tear up and to hear their thanks to them and to God. It was a festival of thanksgiving and all those who looked on and witnessed all of this were touched as well.

Today we gave out 7 more donkeys as we couldn’t get them all last week. Below are pics of the ladies. They couldn’t stop thanking Jesus  and was so incredibly gracious. This was so beautiful to see and humbled to be a part of.

Please pray for these ladies…pray that they don’t give up hope…that they continue to pursue Jesus…that these donkeys will open up opportunities to provide for their families…that they won’t stop meeting together.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share with us so faithfully. I love being able to pray specifically with you!!

    Elaine Peters

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  2. Jesus never ceases to amaze me!! I love how He uses the whole body to do His work. Thank you for pouring into these women so that they could pour into others!! That’s what the kingdom’s all about :).

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