Let The Summer Begin…Day 3

Hello from the Mole!


This is David and it’s my turn to blog about our day at the Mole.  I chose this day to blog so I can wish my beautiful lovely wife a Happy 9th Anniversary on June 5th!!  So Samantha, I miss you very much this week and on our special day I am remembering how much you mean to me and what a great wife and mother you are.  I love you!


Today the ladies hosted 2 bible studies during the day and all the ladies that received donkeys through Pleasant Valley were in attendance.  A total of 21 ladies studied what it means to be a child of God and how to raise children of God.  All of these single mothers have an average of 6-8 kids.  The women shared with us how God has changed their lives and we were able to pray for them.


In the morning, the men put on their painting clothes for a service project to paint the new school classrooms at the orphanage.  Since the classrooms are currently serving as our sleeping quarters, we were able to paint our own rooms!


After a lunch of black beans and rice, the men hosted a bible study  -we spent the afternoon in scriptures showing our reassurance that we are now children of God adopted into his family forever through Jesus.  Mesi Jezi!!


We also shared verses to lean on God when we in need of encouragement and also

of God’s promises which are trustworthy.  One man in the group has a daughter who

had the exact same surgery as my son on his foot.  We were able to share that experience and pray to God for our children for healing.


Tomorrow we will be visiting the fishing village of Preskul and providing lunch for the whole village! We look forward to our time with those people! Please continue to pray and leave comments!


Au revior (for now)!



Sup homies.


This is Maddux and Bullett. We had a rad day here in the good ole Mole. We started off our day at 6am because the neighborhood goat, Johnson, started making lots of loud goat noises. He was really making a ruckus. Anyways, after that escapade we all went to a scrumdilliumptious breakfast.


Right after breakfast, the whole team got on two little fishing boats to go to the small fishing village of Ka Pa Fu. We rode the boats for about an hour to get to the village. The ocean water was the clearest we’d ever seen. Beautiful. As we pulled up to Ka Pa Fu, the villagers’ greeted us with an abundance of joy. These people live on less than a quarter a day, and are extremely isolated. They live in grass huts, and are currently out of fresh water in their cistern. They rarely get visitors, so we definitely made their week by going and hanging out with them.


As we entered the village, all of the villagers gathered in the middle of the village and allowed us to introduce ourselves. After that, all of them introduced themselves to us, and expressed how happy they were to see us. We then put on a bible study, which included a David and Goliath skit (done by Larry and Kade), sang songs (in English and Creole), and prayer. They really seemed to genuinely enjoy it.


After our bible study, we split into men (gacone) and women (tifi) groups. We brought dominos to play with the men. The women did crafts of something. It was so cool to play dominos with the men. They enjoyed having us, and their smiles were so joyful as we played. Then we prayed over the men, and gave them the gift of DOMINOS. After that, we prayed over the entire village once again. Then we said our goodbyes, and left with our eyes opened to something new, and a sense of joy in our hearts. It was a very powerful experience, and we were all very sad to have to leave.


QUICK SHOUT OUT BREAK TO JUSTIN STICE AND MERIDITH MOOREMON FROM ALL OF US. Also, quick shout out to AnnaBeth Lane from Maddux, and Ashley Manale and Todd Parsons from Bullett. Y’all are awesome.


After Ka Pa Fu we had lunch back in the Mole. After lunch we went up into the mountains (the hood), to invite all of the children and kids and preteens and teens to our rockin FUTBOL CAMP!!!! There were some kids that recognized me (maddux) and I was so dang happy like ahhh yeah happy happy happy. So then we took all those kids to the mission and played some good ole futbol. It was hot, it was humid, it was rough, but boy I tell you what it was awesome. The kids just have so much joy when there is so much darkness around them. Seeing their smiles just gave us all so much joy. I can’t really describe what you feel when you see those kids. So many emotions running wild in your heart. You’ve just got to experience it to know how it feels so I’m not even gonna try and explain it.


After soccer camp we walked the kids home and said our sad goodbyes. I just wish we could spend more time with them. They deserve so much attention, but unfortunately they just don’t receive it. I just wish we could stay and love on them all day. But we pray that the things that needed to be said were said, and the love that needed to be shared was shared.


After delivering the kids, we were extremely tired, and Taylor felt that we should take a small time to rest. So we went to the beach and swam and whatnot. I found a starfish and Steven named him Martin. I was down with that name because it’s also like my last name. I didn’t want Martin to die so I threw him back in the water. It was an intense moment. I really loved Martin. I just have to just keep telling myself that this wasn’t goodbye, it was see you later.


Then we had dinner, and now we’re here. Today was an amazing day, and I am positive that God moved in the hearts of the Hatians, as well as in the hearts of our team. Tomorrow we do more construction, and in the afternoon we will be putting on some stuff for the teens. So pray for that. Thank y’all for all of your prayers, we really need them, and have seen them work. We love y’all. Talk to you tomorrow.

(P.S. we do see your comments and love them, so please comment)


  1. You boys are funny! It sounds like an AMAZING day! I’m so proud of each of you! I’m excited to hear all the details when u get back! But for now it’s great to get a few bits and pieces! I hope you’re writing it all down so you don’t forget!

    Hannah, we love you and can’t wait to see you!

    I would love to hear more about what the girls are doing too!

    Stay safe!! Praying for you constantly!

    Ps: tell Martin hi!

  2. Love seeing all the pictures and reading about your days. Remember we are all praying for you, and miss ya bunches.

  3. Well I will have to write more tomorrow when I am well rested and can think as it is late here. But Catie has asked me to post a comment for Ms. Lori……after seeing the picture of you on the motorcycle Catie said “OH NO she has gone to the wild side in Haiti!” but she was quick to add “Well at least her toe nails still look perfect and pink!

    Will write more tomorrow before dinner….but can’t sign off without saying….
    Sarah I Love YOU!

  4. Sounds like another successful day. You all are amazing and I am so anxious to hear all about it in person. The starfish made me think of a poem that a friend shared with me while I was teaching.

    “One day an old man was walking down the beach just before dawn. In the distance he saw a young man picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea. As the old man approached the young man, he asked “why do you spend so much energy doing what seems to be a waste of time?” The young man explained that the stranded starfish would die if left in the morning sun. The old man exclaimed, “But there must be thousands of starfish. How can your efforts make any difference?” The young man looked down at the starfish in his hand as he threw it safely in the sea, he said, “it makes a difference to this one!” (I am not sure who to give credit to for the poem.)

    I saw a comment about this poem that said “at times in our lives we are all the old man, the young man, or the starfish. Sometimes as the old man we do not see purpose to actions. Sometimes as the young man, we persevere and make a difference. And sometimes, we are the starfish who just need a little help. (Philip Kocisko)

    Sorry that was long but I just want you to know that I am proud of all of you starfish and young men/women this week! And, I am happy that Martin made it back into the water.

    Shout out to my girl Bailey……hope I am not embarassing you. We love you!!!

    Here is to a great 4th day and cannot wait to hear about it!


    Well first, thanks for the shout out! You’re just too sweet to me. I seriously loved hearing about your trip to KaPaFu! It sounds like you guys had an awesome day with them. PLEASE keep taking pictures and giving them to Jody! I absolutely love seeing your faces in such familiar spots in the Mole! It makes my heart full to know that y’all are being the hands, feet and FACE of Jesus! I will be praying for your time with the teens. I’m excited to hear how that goes!

    Shout out to Maddux for the goofy paragraph about Martin…LOL

    Love and prayers!

  6. Sounds like y’all are sharing the “joy” within you with the Haitians! Praying constantly for the team, for the precious people of Haiti, for God to move in and around each of you and them!!
    Maddux-I guess your foot is well? Poor Martin…wish you could have brought him home!
    I know this week is teaching each of you something special, and my prayer is that God will remind you of these lessons long after you return home. You really cannot go to Haiti and not be radically moved.
    Love y’all!!!

  7. Dear Harris Team!

    It sounds like God is using you in a mighty way. I’m praying for you joy, strength, and great God moments as you are finishing the week. Stay strong in Him and continue loving on those kiddos!!


  8. Sounds like another successful day! Cannot wait to hear about Wed. Love each of you. Keep loving on the Haitian people. See you soon.

    To my wonderful Husband, Eddie. What a surprise I got all the way from Haiti today. Thank you for the flowers and for thinking of me. Things are good at home, just miss you all and ready for y’all to come home but I know you are all doing great and important things. Give my boys and Madison a hug! Love you, Susan

  9. For Sarah Hardin,
    State Cup didn’t quite go as planned, so I will be seeing you at the airport on Saturday. By looking at the pictures, it seems you are having fun and look healthy. I hope you are enjoying my letters. Be safe, and I hope to see you soon.

  10. I can’t believe I am getting ready to say this….but I am sad that your time is coming to a close. Since this is Sarah’s second trip over there I have much more peace in you being there and the pictures and posts have filled my heart. I am sad to think that this may be your last night there and that tomorrow afternoon you may have to start traveling home. I know you gilrs were so looking forward to an evening bonfire on the beach with the kids.

    I loved hearing that Dave had a gentleman put in his path that had a son with the same surgery as Cuyler in common. I know that was of comfort to him to hear that others had gone through it as well. God works every detail!

    Sarah-seems like every picture from your last visit, you all had rain drippping off your ears and noses. So I am thrilled to see that you have had much sunshine this go around (did I mention sunscreen!) I am so excited for your return and to hear your stories. As much as you are wanting to stay….I must warn you that Sophie is spending many evenings putting Catie to bed and then sitting on the couch with dad and I and saying things like “this is how our family was meant to be” additionally I keep getting texts from a certain young person that asks if I have heard from you and when I am sending out the day’s email.

    Lori-your mama called me today to find out what I had heard. I encouraged her to go to her friends and access the website as she would love the pictures and shouldn’t wait until your return. I told her about the motorcycle picture so that motivated her to write the website down. She is concerned that you are eating correctly (see girls no matter how old you get us moms will still be worrying) I mentioned that there are pictures with all of you drinking coca-cola and she exclaimed “Isaiah will LOVE that” Isaiah now I know why you are always in line during Sonic Happy Hour. She asked how everyone was feeling and I gave her the run down that Dan gave me by text yesterday….so Ryan she is worried about you as well!

    Lindsey I keep watching for the picture with your Haiti braids….

    I think I am only suppose to write a few words of encouragement daily…but I can’t help it I get to typing and feel like I need to keep you up on the news from home…..and I am at work and don’t have Kelsey to walk down and talk to so I have a lot of stored up words at this time of day.

    Be safe and no that I love you all!


  11. Harris Team: Have there been any Red Card Ryan penalties on the soccer fields?? How was the motorcycle ride Lori? Enjoying all the pictures and can’t wait to hear all the stories behind the pictures. Brad, Livingston, and Grandma Beverly

  12. Looks like all of you are having an amazing adventure!! I love seeing the joy on your faces and on the faces of the people you are with. You are truly bringing blessings on those around you all! Steven, I love that you are getting this experience, and hope you are getting a better understanding of what others lives are like to realize just how blessed you are with all that you have! Take care and have a great time!!

  13. Love hearing about all that’s going on over there! I could just hear y’all’s happy voices talking about all of your adventures and experiences as I read this. Praying for all of you. Whoever reads this tell everyone I said hi! Love, MC

  14. Happy Anniversary Dave! I loved my shout out on the World Wide Web! It made me cry happy tears! I miss you but LOVE that you are where you are. How awesome about meeting the man who’s daughter had the sane surgery as Cuyler. I am happy you were able to share Jesus with him. Cuyler had a great appointment today! Dr. Schmitz said his foot looks amazing considering how tight it was. His healing is well ahead of schedule and he said that he thinks that he will be able to walk normally in his future unlike many kids who’s tendon never gets strong enough. He also said Cuyler only has to wear the Mitchell shoes when he is sleeping! The AFO has to be worn only half the day everyday and then he goes with no braces and no shoes! Hurray! Prayers answered.

    The pics are great! The paint job looks great! You all look happy! Thanks for the posts!
    The kids miss you, every time the phone rings, Cuyler thinks its Dada. Anyway, kids are at G Camp, Kaori was sooooo excited. Mr. Raymond said call him when you land no matter what time it is. He will be there in 20 min. He does not want you to take a taxi.

    Okay, love you and praying for all of you everyday.

  15. Happy Anniversary Dave! So good to hear from you on the blog. I can report that your sweet family is doing great, as I got to see them today, and Cuyler did ask about “daddy” several times during dinner. He liked looking at your picture from today’s blog. Stay safe and we’re praying for you and the team!

  16. Hello Maddux,
    I don’t know if you can hear or see this but from what you wrote I’m positive you had a beautiful day and by the way I did like the quick shout out. I’m still praying for you and the whole team. It sounds like you are having a blast and I hope you continue to as you wake hearts to life in Haiti. I’m sorry about your intense goodbye with your starfish Martin though…hehe I miss you but I really enjoy the kind letters you left me and silly pictures. I can’t wait to hear all about it and everything that has happened. You’re so amazing, praying for you! Xoxo AnnaBeth

  17. Hey guys! I have to say I’m so jealous as I read about your time in Haiti. As you’ve seen, it’s a beautiful place filled with BEAUTIFUL people! I’m glad you got to make it to Ka Pa Fu since we didn’t get to over Spring Break AND I’m glad the water was better since last time a few people almost lost their breakfast. Haha Don’t forget to head over to the orphanage, those kids are full of love!

    Embrace every second, it will be over before you know it.
    Also, someone pet the fluffy white dog for me and Malakai.


    P.P.S. I wasn’t really sure how to dictate the accent…

  18. Harris Family—-God has surely blessed the Haitian people with your stay there and God’s love for them. Safe traveling mercys to you as you all come back home. Miss you and can’t wait to hear about your week. So enjoyed the pics and letters from your family.

    Love ya—The Lohnes’

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