Clinic Construction…

In the midst of everything else we have going on here in the Mole – we are pushing ahead with our clinic construction! The mission is currently renting a complex that serves as the home of our missionaries, the castillo children’s school, group kitchen, group cafeteria, medical clinic, and dorm space for teams.

We have to be out of this complex by the end of the month – when our rent is due! It’s A LOT of pressure to get everything done. Our goal is to have this clinic finished by June 25th so we can move everything medical over into it’s new home! We are SO EXCITED because we will finally have enough room to have patients overnight if they need extra care. There’s an exam room, my office, small lab, pharmacy, and waiting room area. It’s not HUGE but it’s about 4 times what I had before!


Here are some pictures:

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