Let The Summer Begin….Day 4

Howdy world,


This is Ryan speaking from the Harris clan. We are having an awesome time here in Haiti! Today we went to the small fishing village of Preskul. The poverty in Preskul is something that I have never experienced before and it was pretty overwhelming. I truly realized today how blessed I am to live in America. We are so blessed beyond comprehension and I realized that today. But we were able to put smiles on the people of Preskul who are trying to survive day by day.


We played dominoes and soccer with them and had a blast. Anyway, we took a boat ride to and from Preskul and the view was spectacular. The cliffs and water were beautiful. After we got back from Preskul, we went to different houses and prayed for the citizens of Haiti and told them the good news of Jesus. The people were very open to talk to us and we prayed for every hut we went to. It was an awesome way to interact with the people of the Mole.


Tonight the town market came to Jose and Jody’s house. Isaiah and I bought machetes and we are excited to use them. Dinner tonight was pizza! Yay for American food! We also had fresh Haitian pineapple and it was definitely the best pineapple I have ever had. I led the devotional tonight and we had some great conversation about faith and biblical principals. Overall, we had an awesome day! Tomorrow is our last full day in the mole. We are going to more huts, playing soccer with the kids, and are having another men’s bible study. We are leaving Friday morning for Port au Prince and we are staying the night there. We should be back home in the states on Saturday night. God bless you all,


Ryan and the team



Hey Lubbock Family this is Sharla


We had an exciting and busy day!  We started our morning with prayer and then we were off to paint the rest of the walls at the new school for the orphans and to dig a hole for the missionaries’ new house.  This afternoon we painted and dug holes again and played soccer with some young and older kids.  We planned to have a teen conference but they were all taking tests so that did not work out.


Johnson our goat was found and not eaten….thank heavens for that!!!  You should all be so proud of these kids, they continue to amaze me with their spiritual strength as well as physical strength! They are all truly amazing.  We are looking forward to Hut to Hut evangelism and getting to visit the orphans.


God is continually working in this place and with our team. Maddox was running fever today and we prayed over him and God healed him right before our eyes! God is truly an amazing God and is definitely here in this place.  This trip has opened my eyes to so many things.  I have had to rely solely on God to help me survive the heat and all of the labor-intensive work we have done.  You cannot even begin to imagine the poverty that we have seen but yet there is beauty all around with the trees and the beautiful beach.  God has truly blessed me on this trip.


Please continue to pray for safe travels as we get ready to come home! Looking forward to seeing all of you and especially you Ashley if you are reading this!


Love Sharla and the team


  1. God is good! You guys must be exhausted.Continue to rely on each other and God! See you all very soon!!

  2. GREAT pics today, y’all!

    So sad to hear Maddux is getting sick again… 🙁 Poor boy! But so awesome to hear how the Lord is healing him!! That picture of Hannah with a sweet babe……heart. melted.

    I’ve loved getting to pray intentionally for you guys! It’s made me grow in just the past few days. This trip is affecting way more than just your hearts and the hearts of the Haitians! How cool is that?! Just think of your 1,000s…! I’m super proud of y’all. Like super super. I miss you like crazy.


  3. Tears running down my cheeks! So thrilled to hear how God moves so overtly at times, so we can shout it out across the world. So grateful y’all were moved to pray for my baby (sorry Maddux) and that God so graciously provided healing. Prayers for the team as the week begins to wind down. This is the time to completely rely on God to move mountains on your behalf. We cannot do it on our own. He doesn’t expect or want us to. Continue to work hard and love boldly. Love you all. Jodie

  4. I bet it feels weird to know that your last full day is approaching. I hope that it is everything you are praying it will be. The boat ride looks beautiful and I am sure the fishing village was an experience you will not forget. Again, the pictures are so wonderful to see. I hope you are all sleeping well. I cannot wait to hear more about your hut experiences. I continue to pray for the team. Lori, I hope your hip pain is manageable. Praying for you about that. Enjoy your final hours.
    Love, Samantha

  5. Looks like you have been working very hard. Praying for safe and smooth travel. Teagen we miss so much and there aren’t enough words to express how proud your dad and I are of you. Love ya.

  6. I love logging on to see what you guys have been doing. The pictures are wonderful and I can see how hard you guys are working and yet you seem so happy to be there. Jake, it’s so good to see you in a couple of these photos and I can see how much you love what you are doing. We miss you and we’ll see you soon. Be safe coming home. Mom and Dad

  7. Allison, words cannot begin to express how touched I am by what I read each night. The way you are all able to share the love and light of Jesus Christ is amazing. Family and friends ask every day about what you are doing. They each share their concerns, but I know God has place you where He wants you. When I see the pictures of the children all around you all, I think of how the children so long ago tried to get close to Jesus. They now see His light in you all! You make me proud and you inspire me to step out of my comfort zone to share more of the love of Christ. Thank you! Love and God’s peace to you. Mom

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