Olton Group – Day 3…

Hey Guys!

The group didn’t get a chance to blog last night because they were with the kids for the movie!

Yesterday they went to Marouge where they spent the morning doing a VBS & some hut to hut Evangelism! They came home around 4pm and invited kids to the movie, ate dinner, and then spent the evening on the steps of Jody’s house with about 80 kids eating popcorn and watching Despicable Me!

Today they went to the fishing village KaPaFu and this afternoon they have a Princess Party planned with 20 special girls! We’ll make sure they blog again tonight!


  1. Even though you didn’t get to write to us, pictures are worth a thousand words! All I can say is “Amazing – God is So Good!” What an awesome day yesterday must have been. Can’t wait to hear your stories; just looking at the pictures made me cry this morning. God bless y’all today as you spread God’s love to another village. We love you all and miss you! Angi & Terry

    PS Dusti – We miss you bunches! We know this has been an amazing experience and we are so proud of you for sharing Jesus. See ya soon!(fish still swimming….dogs still barking..lol)

  2. It was great to see all the pictures. What an amazingly filled day yesterday seemed to be. I can’t help but feel the love when I see you all. I love the smiles and I love to see all the children. God is doing great things. And it was great to finally see the photographer! LOL…Thank you for the updates..they make the day easier AND I can share with others in town who are asking about the mission trip!

    Love you all! many blessings!

    Brenna…we love you sweet girl. Savor every moment. Keep on smiling and sharing God’s love! Mom..Dad…Keeks and Mikadee

  3. God is so good! What a blessing to see these pics today! I know that God is working to change lives through you! It occurred to me while looking at these pictures that the kids can see your love for Jesus in you! They can see your hope and light in your eyes & I can see it in the pictures! That’s so awesome!
    Psalm 96:3 Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!
    Sending you big hugs today and missing you both terribly. These pics and the texts from Tim are keeping me going! We are trying to keep busy so I won’t worry too much 😉 It has rained here in san antonio every day… Neat experience for the kids. We have enjoyed our vacation, are doing fine and are going to head back home Saturday.

    We like the picture of the boy touching your fuzzy head! That is funny and we miss your fuzzy head! We miss you a lot and are being good. (side note from mommy… They’re TRYING to be good O_o ) We went to the zoo yesterday and today we are swimming in the pool. We can’t wait for you to come back so we can hug you and sit in your chair with you.
    Love, Grace & Moses

    We like the pictures of you! Why are you dancing at that pep rally without the horse suit on? We are worried about this! (that picture of you and dusti dancing in the middle of the circle of people stirred them up quite a bit! Lol!)
    Love, G&M

  4. It’s Friday already…..it has been a fast week especially for all of you. Loved all the pictures….everyone looks happy. I know this has been a life changing week for you. Be sure and bring a souvenir home to remind you that God’s love can be found everywhere. Have a safe trip home!

  5. I can’t tell you how much your wonderful pictures tell your story to us. I can see your joy and love that you have for the new friends that you have made. I see Christ when I see your faces. I am incredibly proud of each one of you, I’m thrilled that you have had this opportunity to spread the love of Jesus and I’m thankful to get to share this experience with you through this blog and pictures. There has not been a day since you’ve left that I have not cried tears of joy over what you all are doing at The Mole. Jesus told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15.

    Tim and Tory, The picture of the two of you together made my heart happy. Tait and I are doing great. No worries here. As Angi tells Dusti, Tucker, Titus, Todd, KRJ and Saige are all good.

  6. Looks like it has been such an Awsome Week!! Cant wait for everyone to get home to share stories… Love all the children just wanting to be with each of you, getting in all the picture opportunities& looking so happy!! i want to reach through the computer & just love on them!!! Loved hearing from Tim this morning about what an awesome time all of you had last night at Movie Night!! how much we take for granted here at Home!!! Hope all went well today.
    Kara… mom & Dad love you & miss you!!! But realize that God is working through you there at Haiti.. I can see through your face that it has been a blessing for you!! Glad you got to go!! See ya Sunday!
    Mom & Dad

  7. Hey everyone sorry for the late comment I’ve been busy and just now figured out how to leave a comment. I know y’all probably won’t see this now but I just wanted to say how proud of y’all I am. I’ve been enjoying reading up on y’all and can’t wait to see y’all and hear y’all’s stories! See y’all tomorrow!

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