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Last year Morgan interned for the first time in Haiti. This year she has come back as head intern and is really taking the lead with all our summer groups this year! 

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Onward with the next group!!!

Our group arrived safely yesterday afternoon! This group is from Olton, Texas. There are seven girls and two boys. It is definitely very different from my last group that had six girls and ten boys, but it’s more like what I am use to because I have three sisters.J After they arrived, we had lunch, went over the rules, and then let them spend some time relaxing at the beach. On our way back from the beach, we invited kids we passed to our VBS that we had this morning. The group then had time to take showers before Jody gave them her voodoo and abuse talk. This is a talk that Jody has with each group that comes to the Mole. Honestly, I think that it is SO important for each group to hear this so that they can get a glimpse of what the people of the Mole face everyday.
Actually, this Sunday in children’s church we taught the kids the story of David and Goliath and we asked them what they were afraid of. I was expecting to hear the dark and things like that, but their three answers were Satan, Mardi Gras, and zombies. All but three of those kids are the kids that live in our orphanage here. The majority of them have grown up in our orphanages since they were babies. It just really opened my eyes to the foothold that Satan has been given in this country. It also makes me want to constantly be telling everyone I meet that they do not need to be afraid of Satan because God is with them… PLEASE!! Please, be praying for God’s power, love, and light to become evident to the people of Haiti.
Now back to our adventures with this group so far, after Jody’s talk we had some delicious supper and only did a short devotion so that the group could rest up for today. Today we spent the morning having a VBS on our steps. We started with only three kids, but then an entire school joined us after they finished their classes. The team shared the story of Jonah the Whale with the kids and they did an awesome job acting it out! After the story, we painted the girls’ nails, played soccer, and colored pictures with the kids. It was a lot of fun, but also extremely hot!
I had one little girl that hung out with me the entire time. She had to be only three years old. She was precious, not to mention stinkin’ adorable. After VBS, we ate lunch and then got ready for our girls’ Bible study. This Monday, Emily, Haylee, Darlene, and I went and invited twenty girls who were in between the ages of eleven and thirteen. It took them awhile, but almost all of the twenty girls came today.
We broke into two girls and the team shared with them the importance of guarding their hearts. Even though the girls didn’t share much, I believe that their lesson is paving the way for future conversations with these girls. We will meet with theses same girls on Friday to share more about guarding their bodies and what is a good touch and what isn’t, as well as having a princess party for them. It will be a lot of fun!
After the girls left, we headed to the orphanage to hang out with those kids for awhile. I love all of those kids! Sometimes they are incredible crazy, but I love them SO much!! Please continue to pray for us interns, our interpreters, and our group as we head to Mare Rouge tomorrow morning. I’m super excited to visit Mare Rouge because my church supports the church there!! I will hopefully have more pictures then this one to post soon! Sorry, I’m just super bad about remembering to take pictures…. I’m working on it. Haha.
Bondye beni ou!


  1. Morgan,

    There is nothing more beautiful than a woman following and serving God with all her heart, mind and soul. God bless you for your service as I know He is.

    We are praying for you, Emily, Haley, the teams you interact with, the people you are showing the love of Christ and those precious children of the Mole.


    Danny, Kim & Gabby Groves
    Momentum Christian Church
    (Eagerly Awaiting Our Next Trip to our Haiti Home)

  2. Morgan, you have touched many on your walk with the Lord, mine was 1 of them, your an amazing woman with huge heart & gift to help others and I know you will touch more this summer there at the Mole with the beautiful children, many blessings my friend, i love seeing the joy u have for the Lord & them.

  3. Danny and Michelle,
    Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words! They are greatly appreciated!! 🙂

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