Crossroads Day 1…

Well we have successfully topped last years bus ride to the Mole by about 2-3 hours totaling about 15-16 hrs. There was no mango truck flipped over, just mud. The bus got stuck and it took a lot of digging and then the missions truck to get us out. No one was sick from it this year and everyone endured it. We arrived into the Mole just before 3 a.m. A full 24 hrs of traveling and little sleep didn’t stop us from jumping into the flow this morning.

Phil and I helped watch the orphans at the beach while the rest pampered the caregivers. It has been amazing to see the children again and even have some of them come up to us in the streets in remembrance of our time with them last year. After lunch we had some free time but with a house being built I had to jump in. Spent the afternoon running electrical and prepping for the plumbing, digging a trench. After dinner we will be having a movie night for the kids with popcorn. I will take it a bit easier tomorrow and get ready for the week. I love you Jamie, Ethan and Brielle!!!! Look forward to hearing from you and sharing more as the week goes on.

I have had a wonderful trip so far. We got here safe and sound. There was another group when we got here. I love you and miss you so much Grandma and Grandpa.   ~Genesis


Bon swa!  It was an amazing morning this morning. Lauren, Veronica and I pampered the orphanage workers by washing their feet, massaging their feet with lotion, and painting their fingernails and toenails. They seemed to love it! With what they do, taking care of 30+ children, God bless them, that was the LEAST we could do!

This afternoon has been a little lazy. We took naps (to make up for the 3 hours of sleep last night) and then planned some for working Children’s Church tomorrow. Tonight we are going to watch “Horton Hears a Who”, so the rest of the team is inviting the town kids to come watch, as I work on some stuff for tomorrow morning. We appreciate your prayers!!!

On a personal note, I love you Joel, Stephanie, Indy, Ashley, Mark, Kiersten, Nick, Jonathan, Jaclyn and Madison!  Love to all the rest of my family!  Hope to hear from you on the blog tomorrow night! ~Jennifer


Walter & Jim Jackson – the amazing electricians we had this week left this afternoon and are already in Miami! The Olton group will be overnighting in PAP tonight and flying to the states tomorrow. We miss them all! It was a great week of ministry!!


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  1. Jd!!!
    Hi my love! Wow that sounded like quit a bus adventure to say the least! I am so happy that everyone made it there safely as I was worried! Jd we are so proud of you and love u so very much. I know it’s only been two days but we miss u a ton.
    I wanted to share a funny story about your son! You know how he loves the newspaper right? Well I through away the old one and well he took it out of the garbage and decided he was going to wash the newspaper in the sink to clean it so it wouldn’t be dirty anymore! It was priceless. The paper was soaked!

    We are excited to see what God has in store! God bless y’all!
    Again we love you so much!! O and I hope u are feeling better!!!

  2. Glad to hear you made it! Another epic bus trip!! 🙂 Wish I was there again this year! J.D. love on all those kids for me! Glad to hear you were able to help build some things already! Love you lots and praying for you all! Weird being on this end this year and a little sad 🙁 I’ll be reliving every moment through you!

  3. Keeping you guys in my prayer. I know God will use you in the most beautiful ways. I wish I could be there with you! Phil- give the little ones lots of love for me! (:

  4. Ok me again
    But Ethan Brielle and I wanted to say happy Father’s Day since I know u will be reading this on sun! How lucky we are to have u as a husband and an amazing father!

  5. Phil, I was so excited to see you. It’s after midnight, so it s officially Father’s Day. You are such an incredible father, a true example of Christ. You have always been a big part of our children lives, and your children adore you. May you have a blessed day, and know that you are loved.


  6. I miss and love you Phil. May God bless you richly as you reach out to others. Happy Father’s Day. You are an incredible father, always has been, always will be. So happy to see the photographs, you guys look happy.

  7. Hello to all, its so good to c everyone made it safe & sick free, I think the bus ride is the hardest part to endor. I so wish i was there with u, hopefully next year God will fit me in His plan with u again.
    I will pray for good heath & safety for everyone while God lèàds you to do His work while, your there. Morgan a special hello to you! Love on those kids they all look like they grew a foot…..:) Be well, blessed & safe in all you do for the Lord.
    P.S. Hellooooo Mop! Ox
    Michelle:-) 🙂

  8. Dear ButterPlum,
    I went to the Dr. today for my elbow, but it was Dr. Freehands instead or Dorman. They took x-rays and I just have real bad tennis elbow. He gave me a shot to help it heal and some meds and instructions. The shot was a cocktail of Lidocaine, anti-inflammatory, and Cortisone. I didn’t know until he was done. He asked where it hurt the most, so I pointed and he shoved the dang needle filled with that burning cocktail right into my elbow without warning. Well, that was my excitement for the day, but it started feeling better quickly. Everyone called to wish me a Happy Father’s Day (except you)!! I hope you are having fun and spreading God’s Good Message to all the children, with the assistance of “Mop”. I Love You and Miss You so so MUCH!!!

    Love, Joel

  9. To my son JD and the entire team, you are in my prayers as well as our church’s.May God richly bless your labors. Oh, have fun too. You are loved and deeply appreciated.

  10. Greetings to all you adventuresome, missionary hearted brothers & sister!! ;D So thankful you endured that bus ride without much damage. Praising God & thankful that you all heard the call to “Go” and take the Good News to every creature. Some have the ability to physically do what y’all are doing. Some are left to hold you up in prayer and live thru your words and photos. In whatever role we play know that you are especially blessed to touch the llives of the children & people of Haiti for God’s Kingdom. Thank you!!!! Be blessed & strenghtened when times get hot & tough. Especially you young ones, Lauren, Genesis, Kelilah you are so blessed to first hand see how God works with the, first hand. ;D Glad to hear the positive results Lauren G. Answers to prayer are good for the heart & spirit. To all have fun & know we love you & your willingness to serve!! Veronica, you go girl!!! Love & Prayers to all!! <3 Miss Sonya

  11. Genesis & Kelilah – We are proud of you guys and miss you, too. Do good deeds and we’ll see you soon!

    Grandpa Sans and Grandma Berta

  12. Dear Matt, Lauren, Genesis & Kelilah, enjoyed following your mission trip so far. Long bus ride but you recovered and already accomplished so much. We are so proud of you and all you are doing there to help make life better. We look forward to following you daily and you are doing. Stay safe & healthy. love MIMA & GRANDPA EPSTEIN

  13. Dear Matt, Lauren, Genesis & Kelilah, so glad you made it thru the 15 hr. bus ride unscaved. we are so proud of you unselfish devotion to help make life better there. we pray for your health and safe return as well. look forward to following you daily. all you love and prayers, Mima & Grandpa E

  14. also HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, MATTHEW, we love you very much and so proud of all the love and devotion to your 2 beautiful daughters, Genesis & Kelilah, love MOM & DAD

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