Meridian Day 5

We had such a busy day today! We spent the morning working on the Dark to Light ministry. The goal is to teach the younger generation of Haitians about their bodies and how God made them each so special. It was really good to play games and sing songs with them that can also be such an important lesson. The young girls we talked with were so sweet and I’m hoping they really took away what we tried to teach. During the afternoon we worked on Children’s VBS here in the Mole. The kids learned about heaven and they were all very excited! It’s so fun to see how God is working through us to spread his love to them. The late afternoon was spent with the orphans at the beach! I was so encouraged by their joy. Our wonderful team has been so uplifting to me so I’m really sad we only have three more days together. My prayers for the last few days are for physical and emotional strength for us and for everyone here! Thank you for your amazing and supportive comments, I love to hear them and I know everyone else does too!




This has been such an amazing trip not just for the work we are doing in this wonderful country but this team is amazing.  There are always opportunities for challenges to create themselves with fourteen different minds headed in the same direction.  The real blessing is that God has been at work all week long.  Yes, it is hot; yes, we get tired; yes, we are dirty and dusty by the end of the day but what a blessing by the end of the day as you think back and recall the amazing smiles we experienced, the resilient people of this country.  They are true survivors.

I know many are asking have I spent time with Christina. Every chance I get and that is daily.  Yesterday, she broke my heart due to the fact that every time I saw her she would turn the other way.  Today was different.  I visited her following afternoon nap as we were taking orphans to the beach to swim.  I ask the “momma” if I could take Christina and she said no.  Christina would not let go of my hand as she stood in her crib…………and of course as I left that created tears.  Upon return we had a great time together with both Christina and Roselandy on my lap in the rocking chair.  What a sweet heart they both are……….just hard to believe someone would give them up to life as orphans.

God has done amazing things here this week in the hearts of this team and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them in so many ways.

Tomorrow, we are off to Carnage by foot to minister to the people of this fishing village……..”God is the Light of the World”

Thank you for your prayers



  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! The pictures along with the blog truly gives us a small perspective of what your day is like. God bless these last few days with your team and the wonderful people of Haiti. Barb- I pray for you and talk to you each night- you are my inspiration and I love you.

  2. Each night I find myself waiting for the day’s post. Thanks for your discipline of communicating what happens each day…it has been awesome to see the pictures and read about what God is doing to and through you. I’m so proud of you all, not because you have done something out of your comfort zone, but because you allowed yourselves to be used by God to be salt and light. Praying for you each day! Can’t wait to see some dance video!! Love and miss you Lisa and Emma!

  3. You guys make my heart happy, just imagine the impact you are having on these kids. 🙂

  4. I just LOVE the updates. Be encouraged and know we are praying for your eyes to be wide open, to see what God sees, to break your heart for what breaks his! THANK you for your love and responding to the call to serve in Haiti. Couldn’t be prouder of not only Tom and Sharon, but the whole team!
    Love anne and brian

  5. Mom & Dad Snivley…At the end of each day, we look forward to reading about your day. We have really enjoyed keeping up on the events of your day. I’m filling Grandma in, as well. Dad, I loved reading about Christina. Know that you all are being prayed over. We love you!

    Tara, Travis, and Taft

  6. Keep up the great work! May God strengthen you in these last few days. I pray that you are encouraged by the work you are doing. Barb- Hug those beautiful children for me. What an amazing gift from God to be His arms to wrap around those children. It is also a blessing to be His feet and walk around the fishing village to spread the Word. I’m praying for encouragement and strength for you. I can’t wait to hear how God has touched your life!
    Love ya! ❤ xoxo

  7. I am so loving hearing about all of the amazing things you are all doing in Haiti. I love seeing the pictures of all of the smiling faces. Someone make sure to give Samica a huge hug for me!!! (If she is still at the Mole) Keep making a difference!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful experience. The smiles are God shining through all of you and the children. Praying for all of you. Love you, Jan

  9. Katie Lewis, your Mom wanted me to embarass you, but I won’t do that. I am so proud of you and the whole gang for the wonderful work you are doing over there. You can just see it in the eyes of the children the impact you are having on their lifes. Not sure who is getting more out of the trip, your group or the Haitians. Either way it is a win win sintuation. Have a wonderful end to your encouraging trip. God Bless, Carmen

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