PV Fall Trip…Day 2

Hello PV Family & Friends,

Day two has been such a blessing! After our morning devotions, Karen, Della and I loved on and played with the kiddos in the orphanage for about three hours. We played all kinds of games, sang songs and cuddled a bunch. It was AWESOME and great to see so many friends from last year. The kids all seem to be doing well. Rick spent the morning conversing with the guys; playing checkers and dominoes.

After lunch, all of us headed to Kalve’, a place we didn’t make it to last year. Miss Beth had to pray us through some thunder and dark clouds when we set out, but God is good and the storms disappeared so we could spread the love of His son throughout the Mole.

The scenery in Kalve’ was as beautiful as the people. We visited and prayed with several families, handed out stickers and painted fingernails. Hot coral was the color choice of the day. It’s so great to be here. We’re starting to adjust to the heat, I think. Now we’re dealing with a ginormous spider where the ladies’ are staying.

Not sure we will sleep tonight if we don’t track it down!  In all seriousness (and I am serious about the spider!), we’ve had a wonderful day and are looking forward to the rest of the week. Well, it’s about time for Rick’s evening devotions, so I’m signing off. Love to all our friends and family back home in KC!

News Bulletin from Miss Beth…. The spider is taken care of thanks to Della’s quickness with a broom. Now the ladies can all sleep:>)

Also feel free to post encouragement to the team. I will be reading their posts each night at dinner!!

**The group is so busy having fun they keep forgetting to take pictures!!!! Here are a few I snatched from Miss Beth’s Facebook!


  1. Praying that God will do big things through you all this week as you’re His hands, feet, and face to the people you meet! Love on all those kids – in the orphanage and the community – I miss them terribly! So excited to see what God has in store for the rest of your time in Haiti! Keep praying hard and pound the ground!!!

    1. Hi Renee’, Della, Karen and Rick glad you are safe ane soung God is Great sounds like everything is going as planned Did your frozen food make it still frozen sure hope so love to all of you have a Spiritual Blessing and love the Children see you soon be safe love Diane Holderman

  2. Good Saturday Morning Karen, Rick, Renee’ and Della. I guess next time Della shares about her skills she can add “good with a broom” and “spider killer” to the list! We know you are shining your lights out there team. We are praying for a break from the heat and lots of Kingdom opportunities to show themselves. Love to Miss Beth too.

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