PV Fall Trip…Day 5

Bonswa PV Family & Friends,

It was another blessed day in the Mole. We had both men’s and women’s Bible studies today and an awesome VBS with some children from the village. We had so much fun; we played for a while then shared a Bible story about Jesus’ love of children. We shared how much Jesus loves them and that he is always with them. We colored and had a snack of raisins, followed by a jump rope contest.  The kids were really great. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised when I tell you that VBS was my favorite activity today. I enjoyed the ladies Bible study (morning and evening versions), but the kiddos always capture my heart.

Rick is continuing to meet with the men’s group and it’s encouraging to see more men attend as they continue to work their way through the book of James.  Our time with the Dames group this morning was well attended, with all but one of the Discipleship Dames and their discipleship/prayer partners in attendance. Wow! They are a lively, God-loving group of ladies. Della shared a message on moving from anger to forgiveness according to Biblical teaching. This afternoon we focused on Proverbs 31:10-31…how to be a Godly woman.  I love to share and converse with the people here; I learn from them every day.

Yes, Mom, our frozen food made it this time. No flight delays at all! J

It’s still really hot, but we’re hanging in there. A little heat is a small price to pay to help build God’s kingdom!

Thank you for your prayers and your posts!




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  1. It is so exciting to hear how God continues to grow and establish His church in the Mole. We know His darkness cannot be hidden. Thank you for going and being His light. Praying for a cool, gentle breeze to find you today – even if it’s just from you little fans!
    Cheering you on from home – Debbie!

    1. Renee’ dad and I will pick up from the airport if you need us too we had to cancel Colorado trip no motel rooms don’t know if because of flooding or fall follage

      you are all doing good work for the Lord keep up the good work love Ron and Daine

    2. Renee our Colorado trip is cancelled no room’s in the inn’s haha can pick you up at airport if you need us too

      God is still looking after you keep up the good work you are doing mom and dad

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