The King of Silly…

Today I want to pray for Keny. This kid is so funny and he’s always full of joy, just laughing and smiling! This is probably why he loves taking photos and also photo-bombing others’ photos! It’s impossible to keep from smiling around Keny, he’s just so silly sometimes! He always has such great facial expressions and I love his giant grin that just fills up his face! Keny was one of the kids that came to the Mole orphanage last year and he’s already an integral part of the family and loves hanging out with his brothers and sisters at the orphanage. Today I want to pray that Keny will keep his great grin and silly streak as he gets older, no matter what life throws at him. I pray that he’ll grow up loving the Lord and that his joy for life now will continue and foster a spirit of thankfulness that will steady him through life’s trials. I also pray that sponsors will step up! Keny has spots for 5 more sponsors in his family tree!  Please keep your heart open to considering sponsorship!

And if you’re interested in learning more about Keny and how to be a part of his family tree of support check out his personal sponsorship page here:

On his sponsorship page you can also see some more sweet photos of Keny and check out the Facebook group of his family tree, which brings all his sponsors in a group together to share their stories and photos of Keny. If you become a sponsor of a NWHCM resident you’ll join their family tree and Facebook group to be able to connect on a deeper level. And if you’re already a sponsor, be sure to post photos and stories of your experiences on your family tree group and spread the word to get more people involved.

Creating 50 fully funded family trees of support to grow the forest in 30 days! Check out more details on this sponsorship drive here!


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