A Loveable, LIttle Guy

A Loveable, Little Guy – Marc

Today I want to pray for Marc! This little guy is so sweet and lovable! When I visited the Mole last year, Marc was still just a baby and it’s crazy how much he’s grown in a year! This summer he was so excited to be able to run around and play with his brothers and sisters more. He has such a sweet smile and he loves to be around people and be held. He’ll for sure be your friend and stick by your side if you come visit the Mole orphanage. He doesn’t have to be in the spotlight, he just loves being a part of this family and being loved on by all of us who come visit!

Today I just want to pray that little Marc will continue to grow in the Lord as he gets bigger and older, that he one day have a rock solid relationship with his Lord and Savior that can’t be shaken by any storms or trials in his life. I pray that he will continue to take in all that happens around him, that he just absorb the love of his family and of his Lord and be able to in turn pour out this love to others. Praying 1 John 4:19 over Marc, that he’ll love others because Christ first loved him. I pray that even if he’s not in the limelight, that he’ll know he plays an essential role in furthering God’s kingdom by looking out for and loving the least of these, just as others have loved him.

Please consider supporting this little guy by joining his family tree and becoming a part of the network of prayer and love. It is the orphans like Marc that God has called us to love, to love the least of these, and Marc makes this mission even easier by being such a happy and lovable kid. Please pray about sponsoring Marc and check out his sponsorship page to learn more about him and see some more adorable photos! There’s still a need for 6 more sponsors!



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