A Sweet Princess…

A Sweet Princess – Samica

Today I want to pray for sweet Samica. She has such a big heart for such a little girl. She is always around people, being held and loved on, but she’s also dishing out the love too! She has a desire to connect with people, to build relationships on a deeper level. I think she’s like a princess, sweet and compassionate and always in the midst of things and interacting with people. Today I want to pray over this sweet little girl. I pray she keeps her loving heart, that she continually sees the value in people and in investing in them. I pray she continues to build deeper relationships with those around her and that she’ll pour out the love of Christ in their lives. I also pray that she remembers above all of the love Christ has for her and how she is a daughter of the Lord and King, she is a true princess of God.

And I’m praying that she will be fully sponsored this year! I pray that 5 more sponsors will commit to supporting her and praying for her consistently, to be a part of her life. Are one of those spots for you? Will you join Samica’s family tree? This sweet girl is desiring a relationship with you, to have more people join her family to love and grow together. Five more sponsors and she’ll be fully funded – financially secured and surrounded by new loved ones. Sponsorship isn’t a one-way relationship, you will grow just as much and feel so much love from these kids that you’re helping support. So maybe the better question is, will you let Samica in to be a part of your family? Will you enter into this crazy, amazing partnership we’re calling family trees and allow God to use you and yet also use others to change you in big ways? If you want to learn more check out Samica’s sponsorship page here:



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