Sister, Sister – Hannah & Haylee

Today I want to pray for Hannah and Haylee who are beautiful sisters and actually twins! Their story is so crazy and it’s truly a miracle that they are alive and thriving today. They were born on August 3, 2006 and were actually triplets. All together the three of the girls didn’t even weigh 6 lbs collectively. Unfortunately, their other sister didn’t make it and died shortly after the Castillo family met them.

This family opened their hearts and home to Hannah and Haylee and played a large role in their survival and growth. All the glory to God for the way He uses us in His grand plan and how He works amazing miracles all around us! Today these two sweet girls are living at the Mole orphanage surrounded by a large family of support and love! They are thriving and loving life as sisters and best friends. They love hanging out together but also hanging out with all their new brothers and sisters in the Mole.

Today I’m praying that these sweet girls know that they are surrounded by people who love and support them and who are praying over them. I pray that they know that they are a part of a family in the Mole through NWHCM and that even better, they are a part of God’s family! I pray that they grow up with this truth in their hearts and that they will desire to see others come to know Jesus and join the family of believers!

Also, I’m praying for sponsors for these precious girls! People to partner with them, to pray over them, and to love them as family! Each of these girls need 8 more sponsors! That’s a total of 16 spots open in their family trees! Would you commit to joining their family today? Check out their sponsorship pages here:

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